Being your lifelong partner, AXA Hong Kong and Macau has always embraced the idea of customer centricity and strives to meet customers' insurance needs. In 2019, AXA Hong Kong and Macau received 8 accolades at the BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards, including “Brand of the Year” and “AD of the Year”. What’s more, we also won more than 40 indusry awards in different areas, including 11 insurance technology-related awards. We will keep up with our continuous efforts to develop insurance technology, optimise customer experience, and seek breakthrough in insurance solutions and services to become the industry leader.

Perfect the medical insurance solution

As one of the city's largest health insurance providers, AXA Hong Kong and Macau has introduced the brand-new "CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan" this year. The Plan aims to provide the strongest protection to customers, and lighten the financial burden of cancer patients and their families.

Regarding medical and retirement solutions that are eligible for tax deduction, AXA Hong Kong has launched:

  • "AXA WiseGuard ProMedical Insurance Plan". Under this Plan, customers will benefit from access to "AXA Signature Network"
  • Deferred Annuity Plan to provide a steady and guaranteed retirement income.

Excellent Medical Insurance Product

  • “Best-in-class: HealthCare Product” at BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards 2019 by WealthAsia Media
  • "Excellent Brand of Medical Insurance Services" at Hong Kong Leaders' Choice Brand Awards 2019 by Metro Finance
  • "Sing Tao Service Awards 2018 - Medical Insurance" by Sing Tao Daily
  • "Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Award of Excellence" at Now BNC Leadership Business Award by Now BNC

Excellent Life and Saving Product

  • "Excellent Brand of Life Insurance Services" at Hong Kong Leaders' Choice Brand Awards 2019 by Metro Finance
  • "Insurance Excellence Awards 2019" by iMoney
  • "Best Deferred Annuity Product" Award at Banking & Finance Awards 2019 by Sky Post

Outstanding Critical Illness Protection Product

  • ‘Outstanding Achiever: Critical Illness Product’ at BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards 2019 by WealthAsia Media
  • "Outstanding Critical Illness Protection Product Award" at GBA Insurance Awards 2019 by Metro Finance
  • "Best Critical Illness Insurance Product" at Insurance Excellence Awards 2019 by iMoney

Enhance the customer experience

The launch of Emma by AXA application allows customers to manage policy servicing easily, access a range of lifestyle and health services, and submit claims easily.

What's more? This one-stop insurance and digital lifestyle and health platform also features a chatbot function to engage with customers in real time!

Make best use of innovative technology

● BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards 2019 by WealthAsia Media, including:

  • “Digital Project of the Year”
  • “Best-in-class: Client Digital Experience”
  • “Best-in-class: Online Usability”

● Metro Finance, including:

  • "Outstanding InsurTech Award (Life Insurance)" at GBA Insurance Awards 2019
  • "Brilliance in Digital and Social Media Strategy" Award at Digital Ex 2019

● "Best e-Commerce – Financial Services (Bronze)" Award at Asia eCommerce Awards 2019 by Marketing Magazine

● "Outstanding Digital Marketing Campaigns Award - Life Insurance" at Hong Kong Insurance Awards 2019 by The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers

Ease customers’ minds

Committed to customer centricity, AXA Hong Kong and Macau strives to improve the sales process and experience for excellent customer services.

  • “Outstanding Achiever: Client Support” at BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards 2019 by WealthAsia Media

● Hong Kong Call Centre Association Awards, including:

  • Gold - Outbound Contact Centre of the Year for Retention and Direct Customers
  • Gold - Mystery Caller Assessment for Life Contact Centre
  • Silver - Inbound Contact Centre of the Year for GI Contact Centre
  • Silver - Best Contact Centre in Quality Assurance for Service Improvement Team
  • Silver - Mystery Caller Assessment for GI Contact Centre
  • Bronze - Best Contact Centre in Technology Application for Customer Care Management

Excellent customer services

● "Customer Relationship Excellence Awards 2018 " by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium, including:

  • Best Customer Experience Management of the Year
  • Best Shopping Experience of the Year
  • Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year
  • Contact Centre of the Year
  • Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year
  • Customer Engagement Program of the Year
  • Innovative Technology of the Year

Expand the professional financial consultant team

AXA Hong Kong and Macau has established AXA Academy to provide professional training for our financial consultants, in order to bring the best solutions to customers.

● "Financial Education Leadership Awards 2019" by the Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong, including:

  • Accredited Professional Financial Planning Firm
  • Corporate Financial Education Leadership - Gold Award
  • Best Corporate Financial Education Leadership of the Year

Give back to the community

AXA Hong Kong and Macau cares about public health. The Company works with different charity organisations through "AXA Foundation" to contribute to the sustainable development of society, empowering people to live a better life.

● "Hong Kong Insurance Awards 2019" by The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, including:

  • Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award – Winner
  • Outstanding Equal Opportunity Employers Award – Top-three finalist

● "Corporate Social Responsibility Award" by Capital Magazine

● "Silver Standard" in 2019 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index by Community Business

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