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Life always has its ups and downs. What you need is critical illness protection that will guard you through your health challenges. As your trusted lifelong partner, AXA is there for you when times get tough. Our CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan (“CritiPartner Plus”) provides you…

Diversified protection against 131 illnesses

All-round protection against Cancer

Enhanced support for caregivers and children

How does CritiPartner Plus work?

Watch the product video (English subtitle) to see how the plan will guard you through your health challenges

Diversified protection against 131 illnesses

CritiPartner Plus provides diversified protection against 131 illnesses (62 major illnesses and 69 minor illnesses) up to age 100¹ of the insured. Also, CritiPartner Plus boosts the benefit for minor illnesses related to chronic diseases like diabetes, gout and fatty liver. 

  • Provides you with lump sum cash benefit to cope with medical expenses
  • Safeguards your family against the financial impact brought by the illness
All-round protection against Cancer

CritiPartner Plus strengthens your Cancer protection through two extra levels of benefits – Continuous Cancer Payout Benefit and Immediate Support Benefit. The protection is up to age 85¹ of the insured.

Just 1.5 years after the diagnosis of Cancer for which a lump sum cash benefit is paid, if you are still suffering from Cancer, you can choose to receive Continuous Cancer Payout Benefit. Each monthly payment is equal to 5% of the sum insured and can continue for up to 4 years. Together with the lump sum cash benefit for Cancer, CritiPartner Plus provides Cancer protection of up to 340% of the sum insured.

For those patients suffering from Late Stage Cancer, Immediate Support Benefit will provide an additional monthly payouts equal to 5% of the sum insured for up to 17 months. If you choose to receive the Continuous Cancer Payout Benefit², it will begin after the Immediate Support Benefit is fully paid out. That way, you will receive continuous financial support, with no waiting period required.

  • Provides seamless protection against Cancer
  • Offers continuous financial support during the recovery journey
All-round protection against Cancer and enhanced support for caregivers and children

Watch the video to see how the plan will support you and your loved ones

Enhanced support for caregivers and children

CritiPartner Plus provides a Caregiver Benefit, offering financial assistance so a parent who owns the policy can take time away from work to provide care to an insured child suffering from a major illness. The protection is up to age 18¹ of the insured child. The Caregiver Benefit will begin after the Major Illness Benefit is paid out. Each monthly payment under the Caregiver Benefit is equal to 2% of the sum insured for up to 17 months, totalling a maximum of 34% of the sum insured. 

If the parent who owns the policy passes away at or before age 75, we will keep the insured child protected by waiving the premium for the basic plan until the child reaches age 25¹, provided that at the time of such parent’s death, the insured child is below age 18¹ and the policy has been in force for at least 2 years. This Waiver of Premium on Death of Owner is available provided that the parent who owns the policy is at or before age 50 as at the policy date³. 

  • Caregiver Benefit enables parents who own the policy to take time away from work to provide care for an insured child
  • Safeguard the insured child by waiving the premium
Multiple claims for Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and other major illnesses

After all benefits paid and payable reach 100% of the sum insured, CritiPartner Plus will continue to cover a maximum of 8 major illness claims under the Multiple Claims Major Illness Benefit with each claim equal to 100% of the sum insured. The protection is up to age 85¹ of the insured.

Together with payouts under the Continuous Cancer Payout Benefit, CritiPartner Plus stretches your major illness coverage by up to 800% of the sum insured. CritiPartner Plus offers a total coverage up to 900% of the sum insured.

  • Helps you remain financially protected even if a critical illness strikes again and again


In addition to CritiPartner Plus, we also offer you CritiPartner, providing well-rounded protection to meet your different needs.

CritiPartner Plus
Basic Coverage
Number of major illnesses covered
Number of minor illnesses covered
Extra Coverage Benefit
First 20 Years Partner Coverage Benefit*
Multiple Benefit
Number of major illnesses covered
3 (Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke)
Per policy protection up to
900% sum insured
500% sum insured
Continuous Cancer Protection
Continuous Cancer Payout Benefit
Immediate Support Benefit
Child Coverage
Caregiver Benefit
Waiver of Premium on Death of Owner
Coverage for illnesses related to congenital conditions
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