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Different from fire insurance which protects mainly the building structure, home insurance protects accidental loss or damage to home contents and many more, which is essential for owners and tenants alike.

Home contents

living room furniture
  • Furniture, fitting, electrical domestic appliances and clothes up to $150,000 per item
  • Brittle items such as glass or porcelain up to $5,000 per period of insurance
  • Frozen food up to $5,000 per event

Personal possessions

  • Jewellery and watches up to $15,000 per item
  • Unauthorised use of your credit card up to $10,000 per period of insurance
  • Loss of money up to $2,500 per period of insurance

Third party liability

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  • Physical injury, property loss or damage to a third party resulted by an accident at your home or as a result of your negligence anywhere in the world up to $5,000,000 per period of insurance
  • Cover you, your family members living with you, and your domestic helpers

Extra benefits

  • Home contents cover when your home is under repairs or interior decorations
  • Home contents cover when you are moving home, up to $10,000 per item or set
  • Alternative accommodation if your home becomes not fit to live in, up to $1,500 per day



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    Home insurance is different from fire insurance. Our SmartHome Optimum insurance protects home contents such as furniture, domestic appliances, altered decoration like fixtures and fittings, personal belongings and even the frozen food in your fridge.

    Fire insurance covers the building structure such as walls, windows, ceiling, floor, pipes and the property's original fixtures and fittings, but not your home contents.

    The two insurance plans are complementary. For comprehensive protection you should consider buying both.

    Scenario 1: Interior decoration is provided by the developer

    If the interior decoration is provided by the developer, it is considered as the original structure of a building and should be covered under your fire insurance.

    Scenario 2: Interior decoration has been altered by you

    Any interior decoration altered by you are regarded as home contents and will be covered by SmartHome Optimum.
    If you are a tenant, any interior decoration done by the landlord should be covered by the home insurance owned by the landlord, unless it is specified in the tenancy agreement that you are responsible for it. If the improvement work is paid by you, then your SmartHome Optimum will protect you from the damage of such.

    Scenario 3: Interior decoration is bought from the developer at additional cost as a package

    It is similar to scenario 2 but you need to provide evidence on the extra cost you paid to the developer to prove that such work is commissioned by you.

    Our home insurance SmartHome Optimum provides cover for accidental loss of or damage to your domestic appliances on a ‘New for Old’ basis, regardless of their age, meaning that they will be replaced by a new article of the same kind with similar but not better quality without any deduction for depreciation.

    If a water pipe in your home accidentally bursts, our SmartHome Optimum will cover the damages to your home contents. In case your home becomes not fit to live in temporarily, we will pay for the cost of your alternative accommodation.

    If the pipe is your own improvement but not the original structure, the relevant repair cost will also be covered.

    In addition, if the water from the burst pipe damages the property of your neighbour, such as the apartment downstairs, we will cover your liability for such damage.

    ‘Unoccupied’ means not lived in by you or any person authorised by you.


    All amounts are in Hong Kong Dollars.

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