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Travel Stories

Travelling can be one of the best experiences in life; exploring new landscapes, discovering new cultures, meeting new people and creating new memories. Unfortunately, travelling can also become a nightmare if you encounter any problems during your journey. Having travel insurance can help reduce problems and enables you to continue travelling the world with peace of mind. Discover why having travel insurance is important by reading the below travel stories.

Why buy Travel Insurance?

When travelling, many unexpected incidents can occur, such as illness, baggage loss, trip cancellation, etc.

The following questions may also help you to make a decision when deciding whether you need travel insurance. If your answer is “No” or “Yes but” to any of these questions, you should definitely buy travel insurance. It protects you against unexpected loss so that you will be hassle-free to enjoy your trip.

Does my health insurance cover me abroad if I become ill or I’m injured while traveling?

If my bags are lost or I have to spend an extra night because of weather-related problems, do I need to buy emergency necessities and pay for extra lodging?

Can I afford losing the pre-paid costs of a planned trip if something goes wrong due to illness, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances?

If I have to shorten my trip because of an emergency, can I afford the cost of an extra return flight to home?

Product Features

We designed our travel insurance product SmartTraveller to protect you against unforeseen situations that may happen during your trip.

Here are example of situations where SmartTraveller would protect you and your family:

You fall sick or have an accident during your trip.

Your baggage, personal effects or travel documents are stolen; your credit card is used fraudulently; your baggage is lost or delayed during your trip.

You have to compensate others if you break something or hurt someone negligently.

You have to cancel or shorten your trip for an emergency, but cannot get a refund or extra cost is incurred.

You will also have full 24/7 access to our worldwide emergency assistance service including:

Emergency assistance hotline

Emergency medical evacuation

Repatriation/Repatriation of mortal remains

We have a family option to protect your children on your trip

Free Basic Children Cover

We cover children up to 25% of the limit for Medical Expenses and HK$100,000 for accidental death for free

Enhanced Children Cover

We cover children up to the full limit for Medical Expenses and 50% of the limit for accidental death with a competitive price

We offer options to upgrade your cover at minimal cost

Enhanced Personal Accident

Offer you a more comprehensive protection for Personal Accident where the percentage of benefit paid is subject to the severity of disability

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