Water Skiing in Okinawa

My daughter broke her leg water-skiing in Okinawa
My children and my husband are mad about water sports; scuba diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing and especially water skiing. Every family holiday is determined by the number of water sports available. This year, my two children, aged 12 and 14 were set on going to Okinawa. Renowned for its coral reefs and whale sharks, not to mention the Okinawa caves. When we got there, we all signed up for scuba diving as a family but when it came to water skiing I chose to stay on the boat with the instructor while my husband and the children water skied. The children did several laps round the water and they were soon flying round at a good speed, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

It was when we were coming back to land, I heard a cry of pain from my 12-year-old daughter. She fell off her skis so my husband let go of her and carried her to the shore so we could examine her. Her leg was bent at an odd angle and she was crying with pain so we went straight to the Central Hospital. My daughter was admitted quickly. We don’t speak Japanese but we do speak English. The hospital gave us a translator who explained that our daughter’s leg was broken but it could be set in a cast without surgery. I called AXA and spoke to a claim adviser who talked me through exactly what our travel insurance covered and our concerns about flying home with an injured child. The adviser from AXA was very reassuring and I was relieved to learn that as well as my daughter’s medical expenses, the cost of needing a translator was taken care of under the AXA

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