AXA MPF – Smart Plan is a highly flexible MPF scheme that offers 11 fund choices under one master trust scheme, from conservative to aggressive investments to suit your investment needs.

Scheme Structure
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Trustee and Custodian: AXA China Region Trustees Limited

A registered trust company in Hong Kong since 1989 that is an approved trustee who looks after the MPF scheme for you

Sponsor: AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited

A company is authorised to conduct life insurance business and retirement scheme management business in and from Hong Kong

Administrator: BestServe Financial Limited

A third party pensions administrator service provider incorporated in Hong Kong since 1999

Investment Manager of the Underlying Approved Pooled Investment Funds (APIFs)

-    AXA Investment Managers Asia Limited (AXA IM)
-    FIL Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited
-    Franklin Templeton Investments (Asia) Limited
-    RCM Asia Pacific Limited

The investment managers of the APIFs provide investment advice on the management of investments of the APIFs.

Sub–Investment Managers

Under the trust deed of the relevant APIFs managed by AXA IM and subject to the requirements under the MPF Ordinance and the Regulation, AXA IM may delegate all or any of its duties, powers and discretions to another corporation.Currently, AXA IM has appointed the following delegates which are in relation to the APIFs managed by AXAIM:

-    AXA Rosenberg Investment Management LLC
-    AXA Rosenberg Investment Management Asia Pacific Limited
-    AXA Investment Managers Paris Coeur Défense-Tour B

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Choice of Constituent Funds

1Fees and charges of an MPF conservative fund can be deducted from either: (i) the assets of the fund; or (ii) members’ account by way of unit deduction. The AXA MPF Conservative Fund uses method (i) and, therefore, unit prices/ NAV/ fund performance quoted have incorporated the impact of fees and charges.

2The AXA Guaranteed Fund in AXA MPF – Smart Plan invests solely in a single approved pooled investment fund in the form of an insurance policy issued by AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (Sponsor). The guarantee of the AXA Guaranteed Fund Policy, in which the AXA Guaranteed Fund of the relevant Plan invests, is given by the Sponsor. Your investments in this fund, if any, are therefore subject to the credit risks of the Sponsor. The guarantee applies in specified circumstances only. Please refer to Section 5.1(6) of the relevant offering document for details of the credit risk, guarantee features and guarantee conditions. Upon realisation of units in this fund other than under the guarantee conditions, the proceeds of realisation are subject to a reduction by the Sponsor of a certain percentage of the member’s account balance (or the relevant part of the account balance). The rate of reduction is determined by the Sponsor at its sole discretion and can be changed by the Sponsor at any time. The current maximum rate of reduction is 5%. Subject to the approval of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (Authority), the maximum rate may be increased.