A hospital stay with its consequent medical treatment can burn a hole in your pocket. Our SmartCare Optimum provides worldwide and full coverage up to a total of HK$5 million annually to most of inpatient benefits. This helps for a stress-free journey to recovery.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive hospitalisation benefit
  • Full reimbursement with no surgical table
  • No waiting period.
  • Guaranteed renewal1
  • Choices of deductible options
  • Choice of optional coverage
  • Valued added services including Family Care Services2, 24-hour Emergency Assistance Service, China Hospital Deposit Guarantee, In-Hospital Credit Arrangement2 and AXA Medical Card2

1 Annual renewal is guaranteed. AXA reserves its right to amend premium rates, benefits, terms and conditions upon policy renewal.
2 The service of Family Care Services, In-Hospital Credit Arrangement and AXA Medical Card will be provided in Hong Kong only.

Information on this webpage is for reference only, and not intended to be a complete description of the applicable terms and conditions. Please refer to the policy contract for detailed terms and conditions. You should not purchase a policy based on the information on this website alone.

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