AXA partners with GoGoX to co-create technology platform x insurance new model

AXA Hong Kong and Macau ("AXA") today announced a strategic partnership with Asia’s leading logistics technology platform, GoGoX (formerly known as "GoGoVan"). Leveraging AXA's expertise and product offerings in general insurance, along with the scale of GoGoX's platform and innovative technological capabilities, this partnership aims to co-create a new model of technology platform collaborating with insurance that provides comprehensive and tailored insurance coverage to GoGoX users, including driver partners, individuals, and business users.

 This partnership will also combine the strengths of both parties to design and create comprehensive protection solutions while enhancing the overall experience for GoGoX's broad user community, aiming to enhance the level of protection and satisfaction for GoGoX users.

Kenneth Lai

Chief General Insurance Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau

“As the largest general insurance company* in Hong Kong, AXA is committed to continuously enhancing and developing protection products. Since 2022, we have established the ‘Digital Partnership Proposition’, collaborating with leading partners from different industries to actively expand the insurance business ecosystem and strengthen digital services. By integrating insurance into customers' daily lives through digital technology, we strive to provide suitable coverage to meet their different needs. Through our partnership with GoGoX, we hope not only to expand our customer base but also to leverage on GoGoX's excellent digital technology and platform scale to improve our operational efficiency, distribution capabilities, and customer experience. Looking ahead, we will closely monitor market developments and needs to deliver innovative and comprehensive protection products to our customers while creating values for both AXA and our partners.”

Reeve Kwan

Co-founder of GoGoX

“We are delighted to establish this strategic partnership with AXA. This collaboration will bring a more comprehensive protection and enhanced service experience to our users and driver partners. We look forward to the positive outcomes of this alliance, as it not only offers our driver partners a diversified range of value-added services but also elevates the overall quality of the logistics experience. In the future, GoGoX will continue to leverage the advantages of our platform data and licensed insurance brokerage, applying our technological expertise in curating and selecting various insurance products available in the market. This approach allows us to not only extend the promotion of these products to our user base but also assist other businesses in customizing and offering suitable coverage options, with the ultimate goal of helping enterprises address the needs of their customers.”

GoGoX has been providing insurance coverage to 3,000 driver partners, ensuring they can serve customers with peace of mind. Through this partnership, AXA and GoGoX will continue to work closely to explore innovative solutions, and to enhance the overall customer experience. Together, we are committed to providing users with a safer and more reliable logistics experience, as well as innovative and relevant insurance service.