“Circle Elysées” VIP Club

“Circle Elysées” VIP Club

“Circle Elysées” VIP Club is launched by AXA Hong Kong and Macau (“AXA”) for its most eminent customers, an extraordinary club that allows members to enjoy a variety of exclusive benefits and privileges. Named after the beautiful and renowned avenue in Paris, France – Champs Élysées, “Circle Elysées” symbolizes AXA’s goal to bring to its members from France, specially-tailored and unique experiences and exciting activities.

In addition to receiving first class services from AXA financial consultant, by being a “Circle Elysées” member, customers will be offered various unique and exclusive privileges and experiences in lifestyle, health, travel, and gastronomy such as tailormade VIP shopping and lifestyle experience with top-tier luxury retail and jewellery brands, VIP vineyard experience at chateau owned by AXA Millésimes, as well as VIP limousine ride. Members will also be invited to join “Circle Elysees” VIP special events.

If you have any questions regarding the club benefits and privileges, or the club membership, please contact your financial consultant or email us at circleelysees@axa.com.hk.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Members’ Exclusive Benefits, Privileges and VIP Special Events

If you have any questions or if you would like to make a reservation/ registration, please email circleelysees@axa.com.hk to verify your club membership and obtain your member discount code before contacting the service provider for booking arrangements.





VIP Activities

AXA Millésimes VIP vineyard tour (temporary closed)


Watson’s Wine VIP Membership with personalised wine services and discounts

Complimentary membership and VIP discounts

Dining experience at Michelin-starred French restaurants ÉPURE and Arbor

Welcome drinks and birthday dessert

VIP privilege at French royal pasteries brand DALLOYAU

10% off cake takeaway and 20% off dine-in dinner

Booking Procedures


Email “Circle Elysees” to verify your VIP Club membership.


Receive member discount code of benefit/privileges and service provider’s booking contact details.


Contact service provider directly for further booking arrangements.


Receive booking confirmation from service provider.

Meet your Financial Consultant

The “Circle Elysées” VIP Club is by invitation only.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact your financial advisor or agent.

Contact “Circle Elysées” team

For more details about the VIP Club, email us at


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