AXA Hong Kong and Macau understands that health is the most valuable asset in life, therefore we always play an active role in promoting health awareness among the public.

AXA x Liverpool FC Young Football Talent Programme 2019

AXA Foundation fully supports the ‘AXA x Liverpool FC Young Football Talent Programme 2019’. 100 young football enthusiasts from underprivileged families were recruited to undergo football training at LFC International Academy (Hong Kong), while six best-of-the-best players were selected to join a football training summer camp in Liverpool, UK, which is fully funded by AXA Foundation. The programme not only nurtures young football talents for Hong Kong, but also trains up participants’ lifelong communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

AXA Hong Kong – YMCA Walking Football

AXA Foundation fully supports the programme to bring a brand new type of sports, walking football, to aged 50+ or people with chronic illnesses in Hong Kong.  Walking football allows participants to enjoy the fun of football without the risk of strain or injury which comes from running and contact with other players.

AXA Light Up Your Mind Programme

We concern about mental wellness of our new generation. AXA Foundation has partnered with St. James’ Settlement to launch a multi-form learning project ‘AXA Light Up Your Mind Programme’ for primary school students, to teach them mental wellness, emotion & diet, and smart wealth management through interactive games, helping children achieve balanced development and light up their lives.

Orbis Blindfold Lunch

Since 2012, we have rendered our full support to ‘Orbis Blindfold Lunch’ which targets at primary school students in Hong Kong, to raise their awareness on eye-care.  The campaign attracted enthusiastic participation from over 80,000 primary school students, who have learnt the importance of eye care through blindfolding their eyes during lunch.  We have also successfully raised funds for Orbis to improve its eye-care medical facilities in developing countries.