AXA launches "AXA BetterMe" – a holistic platform to support body and mind health

AXA launches "AXA BetterMe" – a holistic platform to support body and mind health

AXA introduces Sammi Cheng as the AXA Brand Ambassador to advocate healthy living

to inject more positivity to people of Hong Kong   

 Hong Kong people are known to be highly stressed with long working hours, making it increasingly difficult to achieve healthy living. As a trusted partner to our customers, AXA Hong Kong launches “AXA BetterMe” – a holistic wellness platform with a comprehensive suite of programmes and services covering physical wellness, mental wellbeing and chronic disease management.  Simply access the "AXA BetterMe" services through the Emma by AXA app and start enjoying the services anytime, anywhere.


"AXA BetterMe" offers close to 20 physical and mental health services, including:

  • Mind Charger  A mindfulness meditation tool with selective modules guided by the renowned yoga instructor, Margaret Chung. Through this tool, users can enhance their daily lives and build up resilience by making mindfulness a regular practice. Modules include Relax and Unwind, Problem Solving, Positivity and Building Resilience.
  • AXA Goal – An annual step challenge programme that rewards users for living a healthier lifestyle by tracking the number of steps achieved each day. Programme participants can earn up to 20% premium rebate in the next policy year by achieving the pre-set goals.
  • Symptom Checker – A 24-hour health encyclopedia, from which people can get health information, understand the possible symptoms of different diseases and easily interpret the possible implications of symptoms.
  • AXA Diabetes & Three-Highs Management – A 1-year customised programme that combines personalised dietary advice, physical training and health education to help manage diseases and improve the health of participating customers. AXA has partnered with Asian Diabetes Foundation and GemVCare to offer this programme, which includes a registered nurse to follow-up with each programme participant and monitor progress throughout the year.

Ms Andrea Wong

Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau

 “AXA BetterMe is a holistic and unique wellness platform which elevates the overall physical and mental health of our customers and promotes an all-rounded healthy lifestyle. The full suite of services will equip our customers to become stronger and more resilient.  We want to help them rise to any challenge with confidence and become a ‘Better Me’. Moreover, AXA hopes to inject more positivity to the people of Hong Kong amid the fight against COVID-19,”

At the same time, AXA is also pleased to announce the well-known superstar, Sammi Cheng, as its brand ambassador.  Her first debut will be in the TV commercial for "AXA BetterMe". The video demonstrates how Sammi keeps herself in a healthy state of body and mind while leading a busy life, bringing out the concept of "strengthening yourself from the inside out". The TV commercial will be premiered in the evening of 16 July with widespread exposure across multiple mediums including outdoor advertising, digital and social media platforms and more, to promote the importance of healthy living.

Ms Andrea Wong

Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau

“AXA is very pleased to have Sammi as our Brand Ambassador. Sammi is famous for her strong self-belief and healthy image and outlook, which resonates very well with AXA’s brand promise of ‘Know You Can’. She has been an advocate of healthy living and has actively contributed back to society. She is a role model for Hongkongers and I am very pleased to work with Sammi to bring AXA closer to our customers and to the community.”

Ms Sammi Cheng

“I have always admired AXA's brand promise ‘Know You Can’, which strongly resonates with my own belief.  I believe that having a healthy body and state of mind is more important than anything. As such, I have been diligent in building up my physical and mental health through good diet, regular exercise and positive thinking to become a "Better Mi". Through AXA BetterMe, I hope to inspire people around me and the public to have a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook on life."

Customers can access "AXA BetterMe" services through Emma by AXA app anytime, anywhere to check their health status, experience a variety of value-added services, connect to personal consultations and make appointments for medical check-up.


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