AXA BetterMe is a holistic wellness platform with a comprehensive suite of programmes and services covering physical wellness support, mental wellbeing support and chronic disease management. You may enjoy our full suite of services if you apply for designated plans now!

Holistic wellness platform for
your body and mind

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Physical Wellness Support

With “Symptom Checker” and “Wellness Companion”, you can learn more about your health condition and set up workout challenges to uplift your physical wellness. You can also enroll in “AXA Goal” to enjoy up to a 20% premium rebate if you achieve your daily steps goal.

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Mental Wellbeing Support

Try “Mind Charger” – a mindfulness tool to charge your mind and uplift your mood through the audio sessions guided by Hong Kong’s renowned yoga teacher, Ms. Margaret Chung.

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Chronic Disease Management

We offer “Nurse Hotline” and Chronic Disease Management programmes such as “AXA Diabetes & Three-Highs Management Programme”, to provide professional health advice and support to help you through the journey to health.

Enjoy a full suite of AXA BetterMe Services by purchasing eligible plans now!

Simply download the Emma by AXA app for FREE to experience the “Health Library” & “Mind Charger” of AXA BetterMe services, which helps to strengthen your body and mind. Eligible health and medical plan policyholders* can enjoy full suite of AXA BetterMe services to live a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle!

AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan

  • Full cover for hospitalisation and surgical benefits
  • Full cover for prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments and outpatient kidney dialysis
  • No waiting period for unknown pre-existing conditions
  • Privilege to enjoy AXA Signature Network with Cashless arrangement
  • Apply now and enroll in “AXA Goal”; if you achieve your daily steps goal, you may enjoy a total of up to 6 months' premium discount#!
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CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan

  • Provides diversified protection against 131 illnesses (62 major illnesses and 69 minor illnesses)
  • Monthly payouts for Cancer patients as income replacement for up to 4 years
  • Immediate Support Benefit with additional monthly payouts for Stage III or Stage IV Cancer patients for up to 17 months
  • Could be eligible to “AXA Diabetes and Three-Highs Management Programme”, and enjoy Year-long health management one-off 15% premium rebate^
  • Apply now to enjoy 2 months' premium discount#!
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*Eligible policies to enjoy AXA BetterMe services are as below, for details, please refer to respective programme pages.
Critical Illness Insurance: Critipartner Plus Critical Illness Plan/Critipartner Critical Illness Plan/Healthelite Critical Illness Insurance/Healthvital II Major Illness Plan/Healthselect II Major Illness Insurance
Medical Insurance: Global Elite I Health Plan/Global Elite II Health Plan/AXA Wiseguard Pro Medical Insurance Plan/AXA Wiseguard Medical Insurance Plan/Medipartner Health Plan/Smart Medicare

^Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the relevant product brochure or promotion leaflets for details.

#Terms and conditions apply. For details of the premium discount and relevant promotion, please refer to the AXA “Summer Rewards” Programme leaflet for details.

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