Illness and injuries may strike without warning, it is absolutely not worth the loss if you miss the prime time for treatment due to your financial hardships. Under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS”), AXA brings you “AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan”, “Smart Medicare” and “AXA WiseGuard Medical Insurance Plan”, providing you comprehensive and flexible protection.

AXA WiseGuard Medical Insurance Plan

A VHIS standard plan that covers your essential medical needs, protect you against the uncertainty.

Smart Medicare

Smart Medicare is a VHIS Flexi Plan, which offers a comprehensive medical protection plan that safeguard yourself against enormous medical expenses; allows you to get the care you need, and achieve your plans in life with ease.

AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan

WiseGuard Pro is a VHIS Flexi Plan, which offers you enhanced benefits on top of the VHIS Standard Plan. Notable benefits include full cover for hospitalization and surgical benefits, prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments and outpatient kidney dialysis, and no waiting period for unknown pre-existing conditions.

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No waiting period

Guaranteed renewal up to age 100 ¹

Coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions

Enjoy Tax Deduction when purchasing VHIS plans

Certified by the HKSAR, eligible plans under VHIS allow policy holders to enjoy tax deductions for premiums for themselves and all specified dependent(s). Each taxpayer can enjoy a maximum tax deductible limit of HKD8,000 for qualifying VHIS premiums paid for each insured person.


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