Discover our range of wellness services brought to you by AXA BetterMe

    AXA BetterMe is a holistic wellness platform with a comprehensive suite of programmes and services covering:

    • Physical wellness support
    • Mental wellbeing support
    • Chronic disease management

    Customers who hold a designated policy* are eligible to access the full suite of services thus being equipped to become stronger and more resilient, and achieve an all-rounded healthy lifestyle to become a BetterMe!

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Physical Wellness Support

Symptom Checker:

24/7 health encyclopedia

Wellness Companion:

Fitness challenges to earn rewards

Wellness Offers:

Special offers for AXA customers

AXA Goal:

Walk and get a premium rebate

Mannings Health Collaboration:

Free health check-up

Critical Illness Prevention Services:

Early preventive measures

Mental Wellbeing Support

Mind Charger:

Guided mindfulness

Chronic Disease Management

Nurse Hotline:

Your medical assistant

AXA Diabetes & Three-Highs Management:

Year-long health management

Chronic Disease Management Special Programme:

A special pre-paid package for chronic disease consultation and medication

Critical Illness Treatment and Rehabilitation Services:

Your one-stop support during recovery

* Eligible policies to enjoy AXA BetterMe services are as below. For details, please refer to each respective programme page.

  • CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan
  • CritiPartner Critical Illness Plan
  • MultiPro Plus Critical Illness Plan
  • MultiPro Critical Illness Plan
  • HealthElite Critical Illness Insurance
  • HealthVital II Major Illness Plan
  • HealthSelect II Major Illness Insurance
  • Global Elite I Health Plan
  • Global Elite II Health Plan
  • AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan
  • AXA WiseGuard Medical Insurance Plan
  • MediPartner Health Plan
  • Smart Medicare


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