Medical Protection

Medical Expense Reimbursement

Smart Medicare Insurance will reimburse the actual medical expenses incurred and cover you up to age 100. You can also extend coverage with Supplementary Major Medical to include hospital costs over those covered by the basic plan. Alternatively, Smart Medimoney Insurance is available up to the age of 75 and enables you to receive daily cash benefit up to 1,000 days to meet your specific needs when hospitalised.

  • Choices of 4 benefit levels
  • Reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses up to age 100
  • No claim discount

MediPartner Health Plan provides you with one-stop medical care ranging from hospitalisation and surgical benefits, pre- and post-hospitalisation benefits to additional caring benefits. You will also enjoy full cover and cashless arrangement for eligible medical expenses for treatment with designated medical service providers.

  • Full cover and cashless arrangement for hospitalisation and/or surgical treatment at MedPlus Service Provider
  • Flexibility to receive treatment at any medical specialists or hospitals in Hong Kong and Asia subject to co-insurance
  • Choices of 3 deductible options

Global Elite II Health Plan offers global medical protection and services with its options of benefit level, geographical area of cover and deductible for your choice. It is available for those aged between 14 days old to 80 years old, making it an ideal protection for any stage of your life.

  • Full cover for hospitalisation and medical expenses (subject to yearly maximum and deductible option)
  • Choices of benefit level, geographical area of coverage and deductible option
  • No health declaration and guaranteed renewal

Cancer Therapy Insurance II and Cancer And Stroke Therapy Insurance offer comprehensive reimbursement for eligible medical expenses related to treatment of cancer and stroke, helping you alleviate the financial burden and have peace of mind during the healing journey.

  • Substantial protection against cancer and stroke
  • Fully covers a wide range of eligible medical costs incurred at different stages, from diagnosis to treatment and monitoring
  • Guaranteed renewal with protection up to age 100 of the insured

A hospital stay with its consequent medical treatment can burn a hole in your pocket. Our SmartCare Optimum provides worldwide and full coverage up to a total of HK$5 million annually to most of inpatient benefits. This helps for a stress-free journey to recovery.

  • Comprehensive hospitalisation benefit
  • Full reimbursement with no surgical table
  • No waiting period.

You need choices even in these times of high healthcare costs. Our SmartCare Executive gives you a range of options to suit your needs while providing a comprehensive coverage should you require in-patient care and outpatient service. The plan’s guaranteed renewal, regardless of your health condition, gives you the much needed peace of mind.

  • Guaranteed renewal
  • Annual hospitalisation benefits of up to HK$375,000 for all age groups
  • Comprehensive coverage of hospital in-patient charges

Provides daily cash benefit during hospitalisation

Hospitalisation cost can weigh you down. Spare your family the financial worry on top of their anxiety for your well-being by getting a health coverage that provides extra cash if you are hospitalised. Our SmartCare Essential offers hospital cash benefits that will help you through a critical period in your life.

  • Hospital cash benefit
  • Double hospital cash benefit under specified circumstances

With protection up to age 100 and multiple options of premium payment term, HealthSure Hospital Income Insurance will provide you cash income for up to 2,000 days per policy. A Cash Guaranteed Benefit of up to 80% of total premium paid will be rewarded to you after the expiry of the premium payment term.

  • Flexible choices of 3 plan types
  • Choices of premium payment term
  • Protection up to age 100

Protection tailored for the new mom and the newborn

With only one premium payment, the expectant mother can enjoy up to 3 years’ pre- and post-natal coverage for herself and the newborn. Its two benefit levels, Standard and Superior, allow you to choose the level of coverage that best suits your budget and personal insurance needs.

  • Pregnancy Complications Benefit for the Expectant Mother
  • Congenital Illnesses Benefit for the Child
  • Hospital Income Benefit for the Expectant Mother and the Child

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