Under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS”), AXA brings you “AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan”, “AXA WiseGuard Medical Insurance Plan” and “Smart Medicare”, providing you comprehensive and flexible protection.

If you successfully apply for a new AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan/ Smart Medicare and satisfy other applicable requirements, you may enjoy 3.5 months’ instant premium discount on each eligible policy#!

Guaranteed renewal up to age 100
No waiting period
Coverage for local psychiatric treatment
Limited-time Offer
Pink Medical Insurance Plan

Pink Medical Insurance Plan - a holistic solution that brings women’s needs into focus, providing multidimensional female protection from young adulthood to menopause. With us by your side, you can confidently devote yourself to your family, your work and be a better self.

Global Elite II Health Plan

Global Elite II Health Plan offers global medical protection and services with its options of benefit level, geographical area of cover and deductible for your choice.

Smart Start Medical Insurance

Smart Start Medical Insurance reimburses the actual medical expenses up to age 100, including inpatient benefits such as room and board, surgery, hospital expenses and out-patient surgery etc.

MediPartner Health Plan

MediPartner Health Plan provides you with one-stop medical care ranging from hospitalisation and surgical benefits, pre- and post-hospitalisation benefits to additional caring benefits.

Smart Medimoney

Smart Medimoney provides daily benefit for confinement of up to 1,000 days.

Cancer Therapy Insurance II and Cancer And Stroke Therapy Insurance

Cancer Therapy Insurance II and Cancer And Stroke Therapy Insurance offer comprehensive reimbursement for eligible medical expenses related to treatment of cancer and stroke.

HealthSure Hospital Income Insurance

With protection up to age 100 and multiple options of premium payment term, HealthSure Hospital Income Insurance will provide you cash income for up to 2,000 days per policy.

Precious Mom and Child Insurance

With only one premium payment, the expectant mother can enjoy up to 3 years’ pre- and post-natal coverage for herself and the newborn.

Porta Protection

As an existing member of an AXA group medical insurance scheme, you, your dependants and immediate family can continue to enjoy peace of mind from a comprehensive medical protection that PortaProtection (“the Plan”) can provide.

What is "VHIS"?

An all-inclusive protection plan

With VHIS, not only can you use private healthcare services at a more affordable cost, you can even deduct tax with the qualifying premiums paid¹ — undoubtedly a “kill two birds with one stone” situation for customers.

View your policy, submit your claims and access many more services, all at your fingertips!

Emma by AXA App and Portal* is your all-in-one insurance & health services platform, making your interactions with us easier and faster. You can now have our full support anytime, anywhere to keep your life always in check.

*Exclusive to Individual Life, Medical & Investment Policyholders

Discover AXA BetterMe services & offers

AXA BetterMe** is a holistic wellness platform with a comprehensive suite of programmes and services covering physical wellness support, mental wellbeing support and chronic disease management.

Access your personalised services under ‘My Privileges’ on Emma by AXA, and equip yourself to become stronger and more resilient, thus you can always get prepared and rise to any occasion with confidence and become a #BetterMe.

**Exclusive for Certain Eligible Policyholders

AXA launching the Customer Charter

To enable all customers to enjoy world class care at an affordable premium sustainably, we have formulated this Customer Charter to set out your Rights & Responsibilities and to achieve the best patient and customer experience.

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