Emma by AXA

Explore the new user interface to elevate your experience!

Emma by AXA

Explore the new user interface to elevate your experience!

Emma by AXA Key Highlights

Emma by AXA

Your insurance and wellness companion!

Emma by AXA App and Portal* allow you to manage your policies, submit claims, enhance your physical and mental wellness, earn exclusive offers and so much more. Emma is ready to back you up in different aspects of your life!

*Exclusive to Individual Life, Medical & Investment policyholders

Emma by AXA Key Features

Managing policies is easier than ever!

You can access information about your policies via Emma by AXA, update your email address, mobile number and correspondence address.

Simplify your claims submission process!

Simply submit your claims with just a few clicks. You can also monitor your claim status.

Manage your fund portfolio in your fingertips!

Check and manage your fund portfolio anytime, anywhere. You can also submit fund switching and fund reallocation requests.

Paying premium has just become easier!

Afraid of late premium payment? No panic! Pay the premium and renew your policy instantly via App or online.

Achieve a healthy lifestyle with Wellness Buddy!

Register for "Wellness Buddy" to track your health data, receive workout recommendations, get health tips, and so on. Don’t forget to complete different challenges!

Ask Emma and get instant responses to your queries

Need help with your insurance policies? Ask Emma. Engage with a service chatbot or connect with our live agent!

Experience the all-in-one services of Emma by AXA now!

Satisfy all your insurance and wellness needs with one single platform, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of greater protection and unparalleled convenience!



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- Developer        : AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited
- Version               : 1.27.0
- Usage Access : Storage, Photos/Media/Files, Camera, Location, Wi-Fi Connection, View Internet Connection and Full Internet Access
- Privacy Policy : Please click here

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