Emma by AXA Key Functions
  • View My Policy
    View your eligible policies and associated riders as applicable
  • Submit and Track Claims
    Submit medical & non-medical claims based on eligibility and check claim status
  • Manage Fund
    Easily manage your funds and investments
  • Ask Emma
    One-click chat service where you can engage with a service chatbot or connect to our live agent

Emma by AXA

Emma by AXA is the new digital self-service experience for AXA customers to easily access and manage policy servicing and a range of digital lifestyle and health services.

How to register to Emma by AXA App ?

It’s Easy. 4-Step Registration Process

  1. Go to create account
  2. Enter your email or mobile number and password
  3. Receive an activation email/SMS to activate your account
  4. Log in Emma by AXA app and link your Employee Benefits Policy by providing the policy information
AXA Goal

AXA Goal is an annual step challenge program that rewards you for living a healthier lifestyle! 

Earn a premium rebate on your next renewal by joining our 10,000 steps-a-day annual challenge.


    You can see below information related to rider (per rider) :

    • Rider Name
    • Rider Status
    • Expiration Date
    • Total Sum Insured / Benefit Base

    There are 3 categories of document which can be downloaded

    • Policy Contract & Related Documents
    • eStatements eAdvices

    The payment options supported are :

    • Faster payment service
    • Online payment via credit card

    Yes, you can pay partial premium when submitting the request for online payment via credit card.

    It will take 3 business days.

    The fund allocation order will be completed in 7 business days from the date of submission.

    The fund switching request order will be completed within 2 - 3 weeks from the date of submission.

    For employee benefits medical claims, the claim limit up to HKD 2,000 per claim.
    For life insurance medical claims, the claim limit up to HKD 5,000 per claim.

    For employee benefit policies, you can submit outpatient medical claims only.

    For life policies, you can submit
    (i) Medical claim (pre- , post - or hospitalisation)
    (ii) Accident claim
    (iii) Disability & waiver of premium claim
    (iv) Critical illness claim

    Kindly call AXA Customer Services hotline to verify your claim status.

    This could be either due to your eligibility and subject to claim assessor. Kindly view your settlement advice for complete details.

    Please refer to the hardcopy once you receive for the reject details.
    If you have not received the hardcopy, please check with your agent.

    You can login to Emma by AXA web portal with your smartphone, tablet and laptop by clicking on "Login" button at top-right corner in
    Meanwhile, Emma by AXA mobile app (namely "Emma by AXA" ) is only available for download in Hong Kong and Macau App Store / Google Play Store.

    No. For life policies, only the policy holder is eligible to register a Emma by AXA account for his/her policies.

    You could use either of them to login to Emma by AXA App.

    If you are logging in to Emma by AXA app, please use either of the usernames (MyAXA app or MyAXA web portal) to log in.
    If you logging in Emma by AXA web portal, please use the MyAXA portal username.
    Alternatively, if you would like to have only single login, please contact our Customer Service to merge your login accounts.

    Emma by AXA portal is exclusive for life insurance policyholders.
    If you are an employee benefits customer, please download the Emma by AXA app and login using the MyAXA username and password.

    No. your Emma by AXA account can only show policies under your national ID (HK ID / China ID / Macau ID or passport) which you used to "Find my policy".
    If you would like to view all your policies, please contact our customer service to help you.

    No. If you are existing MyAXA portal user, then please use the MyAXA username.
    Otherwise, please create an account on Emma by AXA by going through the "Create account" flow.

    You should use the submitted application ID document for the registration.
    For HK ID, You are only required to enter the first 7 characters of your HK ID (e.g. A123456).
    You may also use China or Macau ID (enter 16-18 characters) or passport number to register if this is your submitted application ID document.

    Around 2 to 3 days after you application submission, you will receive an email advising that you to register for Emma by AXA. As part of the first time login, you will need to link the policy (Find My Policy). Until the application is fully approved, Emma will only display limited features for use.
    You will be advised by SMS or email notification once your application is approved. Your Emma by AXA account will automatically be updated and be able to view your policy. (If you haven’t set up an Emma account, you can also register and activate account now.)

    AXA Goal is a step count reward program which encourages members to walk more in their daily life. The applicable reward level will depend on the minimum number of achieved days (i.e. Take 10,000 steps or more a day will be considered as an "Achieved Day") in a membership year.

    There are 3 reward levels in the AXA Goal :

    • Crystal
    • 50 Achieved Days / membership year to get 5% premium rebate
    • Jade
    • 125 Achieved Days / membership year to get 10% premium rebate
    • Diamond
    • 250 Achieved Days / membership to get 20% premium rebate
    • You may connect your tracking device by clicking Settings > tracking device > Select tracking device.

      Only policy holders of AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan and the insured person of the same policy can enrol into the AXA Goal. The AXA Goal onboarding modal should be prompted if you are entitled for the AXA Goal. Please accept the Terms & Conditions from Emma by AXA and Wellness Companion to complete the AXA Goal enrolment.

      You will need to sync your designated tracker application to ensure Emma by AXA is displaying the up to date status. Please allow for synchronization delay for up to 24 hours.

      We take your privacy very seriously. Only you have access to your Wellness Companion data. To learn more about our privacy policy, click 'Profile' at the bottom of the screen in Wellness Companion, and view our terms and conditions. Tap 'Remove data from Wellness Companion' to remove all your data from Wellness Companion can be found at the bottom of the 'Settings' page in Emma by AXA mobile application.

      You will be entitled for an extra 50 days as achieved days in your first year membership if you have completed the AXA Goal sign-up process within first membership year.

      There are 3 factors which may affect the achieved days data. The below steps may help to display the correct data.

      1. Reconnect the designated tracking device in Emma by AXA.
      2. Sync your designated tracking device to its tracking device application.
      3. Please allow for synchronization delay for up to 24 hours.

      AXA Goal membership year is determined as follows :

      • The first membership year shall run from the day when the Eligible Customer completed the AXA Goal enrollment process as stated in policy holder guide map, in any event no earlier than 28 August 2019, to 42 days prior to the first policy anniversary of WiseGuard Pro (“First Membership Year”).
      • Second membership year shall last for 12 months commencing on the day after the end of the First Membership Year.
      • Third and subsequent membership years shall last for 12 months commencing on the day after the end of previous membership year.

      Currently we only support Apple Health App (with iPhone and Apple Watch), Fitbit App, Garmin App and Google Fit App.

      Ask Emma