Medical protection on the move

It is always exciting to move into new roles or turn a new page of life entering retirement. Life could never be better as now you can carry the very best of your medical protection with you.

As an existing member of an AXA group medical insurance scheme¹, you, your dependants and immediate family can continue to enjoy peace of mind from a comprehensive medical protection that PortaProtection (“the Plan”) can provide². It is also designed to top-up your group medical insurance coverage, enhancing coverage for yourself and your family. The Plan features lifetime coverage and worldwide protection. Existing members of an AXA group medical insurance scheme can enjoy guaranteed acceptance and no underwriting is required when applying for PortaProtection.

Product Features

Continuity of your existing group medical benefits2, 3

Whether you are moving from one employer to another or planning to retire, you will still be able to maintain the comprehensive medical coverage which you used to enjoy. Even if you join a new group medical insurance scheme provided by your new employer in future, PortaProtection can still be a supplement to your medical plan.

No underwriting is required⁴ and guaranteed acceptance⁵

Any existing members of an AXA group medical insurance scheme from 15 days up to age 64 can enjoy guaranteed acceptance, with no requirement for a medical questionnaire or screening.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions⁶

Unlike most other individual health insurance plans, for existing members of an AXA group medical insurance scheme, PortaProtection will cover pre-existing conditions if you have been continuously insured under an AXA group medical insurance scheme and / or PortaProtection for at least 12 consecutive months. (Please refer to section Example on the coverage for pre-existing condition of the product brochure for details.)

Lifelong protection and guaranteed renewal7, 10

You will enjoy lifetime guaranteed annual renewal of your PortaProtection policy irrespective of your health condition. Be rest assured that wherever life takes you, you will continue to benefit from comprehensive medical protection.

Comprehensive reimbursement of medical expense³

PortaProtection enables you to obtain the medical treatment of your choice by providing you with comprehensive reimbursement protection of a proportionate amount or full amount of the actual medical expenses incurred (depending on your plan chosen), covering expenses relating to room and general nursing care benefits, intensive care benefit, advanced diagnostic imaging, lump sum hospital and surgical benefits, top up cancer / renal dialysis benefits, etc.

An option of deductible amount⁸ to suit your different medical needs in your life journey

If you are currently covered by an AXA group medical insurance scheme or other medical plans, you may top up your medical protection at preferential premium rates by choosing a plan with deductible. To provide you with more flexibility in retirement planning, you may apply to remove the deductible at age 55, 60 or 65 of the insured person within 30 days before the relevant policy anniversary without providing further evidence of insurability of the insured person.

Design your own medical plan with flexibility

You can tailor your plan with:

  • different levels of hospital and surgical benefits
  • deductible for designated plans
  • optional outpatient benefits
Family Care Services⁹

In case of hospitalisation due to accidental bodily injury, you will be entitled to a series of Family Care Services for your home, child(ren) and pet.

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