Three key advantages of VHIS

Protect yourself from public hospital crisis

Three key advantages of VHIS

Protect yourself from public hospital crisis

The Hong Kong public healthcare system is at the brink of saturation. At some specialist clinics, new case patients even have to wait for three years before they get treated¹, which feels like forever to them. That is exactly why AXA Hong Kong welcomes the launch of the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS”). With VHIS, not only can you use private healthcare services at a more affordable cost, you can even deduct tax with the qualifying premiums paid² — undoubtedly a “kill two birds with one stone” situation for customers.

Guaranteed renewal up to age 100

VHIS will be launched by the Food and Health Bureau on 1 April 2019. VHIS offers two options: the basic standard plan and enhanced flexi plan. The basic standard plan has no lifetime benefit limit*, coverage including unknown pre-existing conditions before policy issuance, day case procedures and psychiatric treatment, and guaranteed renewal up to the age of 100. With such comprehensive coverage, customers can most certainly put their mind at ease.

Standard Plan VS Flexi Plan

Simply put, the standard plan with basic standardised features provides an elementary protection according to the requirements of VHIS. It is open to everyone aged between 15 days and 80 years old.

On the other hand, the flexi plan delivers a more flexible and comprehensive health protection, which may result in a higher premiums.

Migrate to Standard Plans or Flexi Plans (“Certified Plans”) to enjoy VHIS's benefits

Already owned an individual hospital insurance policy? Don’t worry. You can opt to switch your existing hospital insurance policy to VHIS Certified Plans³ (re-underwriting maybe required). So that you won’t miss out on the benefits of VHIS.

For details of the terms and benefits, please refer to the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme certified plan policy template.

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