Public Affairs Charter1 | AXA Hong Kong and Macau

Public Affairs Charter1 | AXA Hong Kong and Macau


The purpose of the Public Affairs function which is under Corporate Communications department of AXA Hong Kong and Macau (the entity) is:

  • To identify and assess major societal trends that are relevant for insurers in Hong Kong and Macau;
  • To assist the Executive Committee in overseeing environmental, social, political and public policy matters, including those related sustainability and climate change, that are relevant to the entity’s activities and performance; and
  • To perform such other duties and responsibilities enumerated in and consistent with this Charter.


The Public Affairs function reports to the Chief Marketing and Customer Officer. The Public Affairs strategy and actions are regularly discussed and validated at the Executive Committee level as well as within other key internal management bodies, to align positions and priorities.

  •  The strategy is developed in response to the AXA Group’s Public Affairs strategy which  requires a multidisciplinary approach involving diverse professional families and entities across the Group.
  • As a member of the Group, the Public Affairs function engages closely and on an ongoing basis with the other departments to ensure timely information, effective alignment, and robustness of envisaged positioning. A close interaction between the Public Affairs function, representatives in other local AXA entities and Group Public Affairs department also takes place on a regular basis, including through a Public Affairs Network (PAN) comprising these representatives and serving as a relay within the Group.
  • Given the highly regulated nature of the insurance sector and its natural positioning at the intersection of society, economics and finance, numerous exchanges would take place with public authorities and decision-makers. In particular, the department strives to integrate a forward-looking perspective in order to account for emerging trends (e.g. technological, political or social changes) that are likely to change the nature and landscape, including regulatory, of the insurance business over the coming years.


Sustainable developments warrant AXA’s attention because the induced risks are having a direct impact on our activities as an investor and as an insurer. From that perspective, AXA continues in particular to invest in its risk modelling, assessment and management expertise to improve the prevention, coverage and mitigation of climate risks.

As a global insurance leader, AXA is committed to being a catalyst in building a greener future through various sustainable actions and achieving the global “Net Zero” goal with our customers. In recent years, AXA Hong Kong and Macau has been stepping up its ESG effort as an investor, an insurer and an exemplary company.

  • As an investor
    The entity has a diversified and actively managed portfolio of global securities with a focus on Sustainable Investment, ranging across 3 megatrends including digital transformation, health & wealth, and sustainable planet.
  • As an insurer
    The entity acts as a leader to fight against global warming and an inclusive insurer by introducing green insurance products and increasing the number of customers covered by inclusive protection.
  • As an exemplary company
    The entity makes employees leaders of the transformation by providing training in climate issues and supports the Group to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

ESG Steering Committee, with participation of our Executive Committee members, is formed to maximise synergy on our ESG efforts and innovations including but not limited to:

  • Formulating the corporate-wide AXA ESG strategy
  • Driving efforts to strengthen our ESG leadership as an insurer, investor and exemplary company
  • Building and increasing ESG awareness and support across the local community


As a member of AXA Group, the Hong Kong and Macau Public Affairs function is committed to promoting a transparent, substantive and constructive contribution to the public debate, in line with applicable local laws, AXA Group’s Corporate Responsibility commitments2 and our Compliance and Ethics Guide3 which lays down the standards of conduct that apply to all our employees, including rules related to gifts, entertainment and other inducements.

As a consequence, we shall abide by the following rules:

  • We update the entity’s Public Affairs Charter, including the core positions and topics on which we work on a regular basis, and disclose it on and through internal means of communications among our employees.
  • We guarantee a high level of qualification of the staff in charge of local Public Affairs, notably by recruiting highly skilled professionals and by mobilising the organisation’s technical expertise.
  • We provide public decision-makers with reliable, verifiable, and updated information.
  • As a company, we do not make discretionary contributions to political parties.


1. The charter outlined below reflects the situation as of June 2023. It is subject to change and will be updated as appropriate