Gather all the details and evidence regarding the accident such as photographs and witness statements


Download and complete the claim form(s)


Submit claim form(s) together with supporting document(s) and evidence of the accident within 7 days of the accident


Upon receipt of all required documents, we will process your claim within 7 working days


Settlement letter and/or email will be issued to you after approval


Please keep the original receipt(s) and other claim documentation for 6 months from the claim completion date. AXA reserves the right to request additional information/documentation to support each claim.

  1. Completed Motor Insurance Claim Form with all details filled out
  2. Copy of driver’s ID Card
  3. Copy of driver’s Driving License
  4. Letter of Consent signed by the driver
  5. Copy of Vehicle Registration Document (Both front and back page)
  6. Copy of Police Statement of the driver
  7. Copy of Screening Breath Test Report (if applicable)
  8. Repair quotation/estimation from the appointed garage (if applicable)
  9. The Vehicle Purchase Contract/Receipt/Invoice (if applicable)
  10. Any correspondences with third party vehicle/property owner (if applicable)
  11. Any correspondences with third party injured person(s) (if applicable)
  1. By email: Send the completed claim form(s) with all supporting document(s) to motor.claims@axa.com.hk
  2. By post: Mail the completed claim form(s) with all supporting document(s) to the mailing address listed on the claim form

Contact Information
Telephone: (852) 2523 3061
Email: motor.claims@axa.com.hk

If you disagree with our claim decision, you may submit an appeal to us within 90 days from the notice date of our Claim Settlement Advice or Notification of Claim Decision. Click here for details.