(SmartCare Shield / SmartCare Prime / Personal Accident)


Download and complete the claim form(s)


Prepare all the supporting document(s)


Submit claim form(s) with all supporting document(s) within 90 days


Upon receipt of all required documents, we will process your claim within 7 working days


Settlement letter and/or email will be issued to you after approval


Please keep the original receipt(s) and other claim documentation for 6 months from the claim completion date. AXA reserves the right to request additional information/documentation to support each claim.

 Basic documents:

  1. Completed Personal Accident Insurance Claim Form(s) with all details filled out
  2. Copy of HK Identity Card of the Insured
  3. Sick Leave Certificate (if applicable)
  4. Police Report (if applicable)

Additional documents (if applicable):

For accident medical expenses & daily hospital cash claim if hospitalized in Hong Kong public hospital:

  1. Medical receipts
  2. Discharge Summary/Slip

For permanent disability claims:

  1. Disability Assessment Report and other medical reports issued by a registered medical practitioner (for Permanent Disability claim)

For death claims:

  1. Death Certificate (for Death claim)

For work related situation:

  1. Copy of the work accident report form “Form 2” which has been submitted to Labour Department.
  2. Copy of Certificate of Compensation Assessment (Form 5) and Certificate of Assessment (Form 7) issued by the Labour Department (if applicable).

By email*: Send the completed form(s) with all supporting documents to ec.claims@axa.com.hk

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us by:

Telephone: (852) 2523 3061

Email: ec.claims@axa.com.hk


*For medical expense claims, please submit the claim form(s) and original receipt(s) to us in hardcopy.

If you disagree with our claim decision, you may submit an appeal to us within 90 days from the notice date of our Claim Settlement Advice or Notification of Claim Decision. Click here for details.