What can Lifelong Care Partner Insurance do for you?

People are now living longer. By 2019, a 40-year-old male and female in Hong Kong may live, on average, until age 82.9 and 88.3 respectively*. A longer lifespan is inevitably associated with a higher risk of health issues, which may even lead to a sudden downturn in our health. In the event of suffering from a loss of autonomy, Lifelong Care Partner Insurance helps you or your family…

Ensure your quality of life against the unexpected


Early detection

Grasps the golden time of treatment

Financial assistance and support services

Helps both the patient and the family relieve financial pressure and adjust to changes in life

Added protection

Offers additional financial support to the family

1. Early detection

Get early detection and timely treatment
We provide diabetes DNA screening and dementia early detection screening.
  • Allows early detection of potential health problems
  • Grasps the golden time of treatment

2. Financial assistance and support services

Help you get back on your feet
In the event that the insured suffers from a loss of autonomy, we will provide continued monthly benefits until the insured passes away or reaches age 100, whichever is earlier. Customer can choose the protection amount to suit personal needs. Our protection is also extended to the family. The caregiver and the dependant will receive additional financial assistance for a period of 6 months and 36 months respectively.
  • Lessens the financial strain faced by the patient and the family
  • Helps maintain the quality of life for the patient
  • Enables the patient to remain comfortably at home
A suite of well-rounded support services will be offered to assist the patient and the family to adjust to changes in life. This includes home modification consultation and subsidy to help improve the living environment for those in need of special care. Besides, caregiver training will be provided to enhance the caregiver’s knowledge and technique on dementia care. A hotline is also available to offer further support to the patient and the family.
  • Creates a safer and more comfortable living environment for the patient to stay at home
  • Relieves the stress of caregiving

3. Added protection

Protect your beloved family
We provide life protection in the unfortunate event that the insured passes away.
  • Offers additional financial support to the family

Digital Enrolment Process for easier access to insurance protection from home

In light of the continuing COVID-19 epidemic, we understand the utmost importance of safety and convenience for our customers. Both existing and new customers who are Hong Kong residents and currently in Hong Kong¹ can easily apply for Lifelong Care Partner Insurance from home through the Digital Enrolment System.

Our Financial Consultants will explain to customers about the products and documents over the phone, and collect documents via electronic means such as WhatsApp or email. Alternatively, customers can also choose to submit their applications by mail to cater for their different needs. For details, please click here.


Business hour: Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:30 | Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00 | Except Public Holidays

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* Source: Hong Kong Population Projections 2015-2064, Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

** The total annualised first year premium of the Lifelong Care Partner Insurance supplement should reach designated amount. For details of the premium rebate, please refer to the terms and conditions stated in the AXA “Healthy Bonus” Programme promotional leaflet

¹ Remarks: The Digital Enrolment System is applicable to customer who fulfills the following conditions:

• Customer should be a Hong Kong Identity Card holder

• Customer lives in Hong Kong and the application should be signed in Hong Kong

• The new application is not to replace any existing life policy(ies)

• The customer decides to apply for relevant products, and does not require the Financial Consultant to provide product recommendations

• Due to outbreak of COVID-19, customer prefers not to have face-to-face sales interview

• No supplementary benefits to be attached to the application

Information on this webpage is for reference only, and not intended to be a complete description of the applicable terms and conditions. Please refer to the policy contract for detailed terms and conditions. You should not purchase a policy based on the information on this website alone.

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