The AXA Mind Health Programme is a comprehensive, end-to-end mental health programme for corporates in Hong Kong, offering a suite of benefits to maximise wellbeing through education, prevention and support - all in a flexible package tailored to your company’s needs.


Our 3 Pillars of Mental Health Support


A full calendar of talks, webinars and events to educate employees, eradicate stigma and raise awareness about common mental health conditions.



A range of digital wellness tools – from mindfulness to e-cognitive behavioural therapy (eCBT) – to support and empower your employees - accessible anytime, anywhere.



A suite of one-on-one services to provide individualised support and guidance, including coaching, virtual reality therapy and preferential access to mental healthcare professionals.

Did you know?
1 in 3 Professional service employees in Hong Kong experienced a mental health problem while in employment ¹

3 Major Gaps in Mental Health Support at Work

Knowledge gap

69% never received any education on mental health¹

Trust gap

Only 36% told someone about their mental health problem at work¹

Support gap

Only 8% felt there is sufficient mental health support at work¹

Programme Features
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Design Workshop

To kick-start the programme, AXA will facilitate a half-day bespoke design workshop to help you enhance workplace performance and employee engagement.

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Lunch & Learn Sessions

Throughout the Programme Period, AXA will offer a variety of expert-led talks, workshops and webinars to be delivered to your employees.

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For employees needing extra support, AXA can provide one-on-one, face-to-face coaching sessions with our experienced coaches.

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AXA Mind Health Network

To provide our clients with the best in clinical support, we are proud to be among the first insurers to offer professional mental healthcare in Hong Kong.

Digital Tools provided by Global Service Providers
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Mental Health Guru

An educational e-learning platform to raise awareness of mental health.

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A self-help therapy tool to strengthen resilience and prevent depression and anxiety.

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Smiling Mind

An everyday mindfulness and meditation guide to help bring balance to your life.

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Oxford VR

State-of-the-art VR therapy to help you overcome various clinical conditions.

Who is the Programme for?
AXA Mind Health Programme is applicable for AXA group medical insurance plan members of the company (employees only, not applicable to dependants) and aged 18 or above.

Emma by AXA

Enjoy access to all our Mind Health tools, anytime, anywhere…

Emma by AXA App and Portal* makes your interaction with us easier and faster. Through our digital insurance services and various health partner services, you can have our full support anytime, anywhere to keep your life always in check.

*Exclusive to Life & savings, individual health & protection and investment policies.



¹ City Mental Health Alliance Hong Kong (2019). Mental Health in the workplace: survey of Hong Kong employees in professional services firms.

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