Tips for paying renewal premiums:
  1. Please allow 3 working days for the relevant payments to be processed.
  2. Please keep the ‘ATM Advice’ as a payment receipt.
Payment Method:
  • Through HSBC and Hang Seng Bank ATM with “BILL PAYMENT” Service for payment (Only applicable to HSBC customers)
  • Through JETCO ATM with “JET PAYMENT” Services for payment
Bill Number:
  • Bill number: 15-digit policy number (Please skip the hyphens [-])

Remarks: Please refer to the 15-digit payment number stated on the premium notice.

Payment Steps:

HSBC Customer:

Step 1. Go to Bill Payment

Step 2. Select Merchant Type: Insurance

Step 3. Select Merchant: AXA(CR)/AXA Wealth Mgt

Step 4. Choose Bill Type

JETCO Member Banks Customer:

Step 1. Go to Bill Payment

Step 2. Input Merchant Code:  9255

Step 3. Choose Bill Type

Bill Type:

01- Premium

02- Deposit for Change

03- Loan Repayment