Tips for paying renewal premiums:
  1. Please settle payments within 3 working days before the payment due date.
  2. Please register your bill before paying the premium, as shown below.

Remarks: For more information on PPS services, please call the PPS hotline on (852) 2311 9876

Bill Registration and Payment:

1.       PPS by Phone

  • 18011 (English) or 18013 (Chinese) for bill registration
  • 18031 (English) or 18033 (Chinese) for bill payment

2.       PPS by Internet

3.       PPS on Mobile

  • Download “PPS on Mobile” App
Merchant Code:
  • Merchant Code:  9172
Bill Number:
  • Bill number: 8-digit policy number (Please skip the hyphens [-])

Remarks: Please refer to the 8 digit payment number stated on the premium notice.