At AXA, we strive to be a life-time partner for our customers. Our mission is to empower people to live a better life and to walk alongside people in times of difficulties. Consequently, we launch the new CritiPartner Critical Illness Plan and promotions, as well as encourage you to prepare for their future lives in a better way. Furthermore, from now to 25 Jun 2019, if you successfully apply for CritiPartner Critical Illness Plan or our designated basic plans, you may enjoy fabulous rewards.

Walking hand-in-hand on the road to recovery

HongKongers are always living fast-paced lives to make the most of the hours in a day, and often feel extra helpless when faced with critical illness. The newly launched CritiPartner Critical Illness Plan offers you pioneering and comprehensive protection, including first-in-Hong Kong lump sum and monthly continuous cancer payout benefit, which enables customers to focus on their recovery and help them reprioritise their lives.

Highlights of CritiPartner Critical Illness Plan:

  • Provides diversified protection against 128 illnesses (62 major illnesses and 66 minor illnesses), extends its protection to benign condition critical surgeries and boosts the benefit for minor illnesses due to diabetes complications
  • Provides First-in-the-market Continuous Cancer Payout Benefit and the waiting period for recurrence, metastasis or continuation of Cancer under this benefit is greatly shortened to 1.5 years
  • Provides multiple claims for Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke
  • Provides two added protection including Extra Coverage Benefit and First 20 Years Partner Coverage Benefit
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Enjoy up to 2.5 months’ premium rebate! *

AXA “Protection and Savings Combo” Programme

During the promotion period, if you successfully apply for designated health and protection insurance basic plan, you may enjoy up to 2.5 months’ premium rebate* !


Act now to enjoy the all-round protection and premium rebate!

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Critical Illness Protection

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CritiPartner Critical Illness Plan

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HealthVital II Major Illness Plan

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HealthSelect II Major Illness Plan


*For details of the promotions, please refer to the relevant terms and conditions stated in the promotion leaflets.