If you have successfully applied for SmartPlan Office or SmartPlan Shop Insurance, you don’t need to worry about your business if there is burglary, fire or water damage. Just submit a completed claim form with required supporting and we will provide the 3-Day Swift Claim Service Promise*.

Steps to 3-Day Swift Claim Service Promise*

You never know when accidents may happen, but if they do we’ll surely be there to see you through. With AXA, have the confidence to overcome obstacles and build a stronger, more successful business.

Loss quantum at HK$50,000 or below (Claim on Office/Shop Contents and Stock with / without involvement of independent loss adjusters)

Loss quantum within range of HK$50,001 – HK$200,000 (Claim on Office/Shop Contents and Stock with / without involvement of independent loss adjusters)

Loss quantum in excess of HK$200,000 (Claim on Office/Shop Contents and Stock with involvement of independent loss adjusters)

Document Checklist
  1. Completed Property Claim Form
  2. Clear photos showing the property loss/damaged accident scene
  3. Original purchase invoices/receipts/warranties and replacement invoices/receipts (if applicable)
  4. All relevant supporting documents including but not limited to accounting record, order forms, previous damage record, third party information …etc.
  5. Quotations/Invoices/Receipts from the contractor(s)
  6. Management /Incident Report/Police Report/Police Statement/Witness Statement (if applicable)
Special Note

Circumstances where exceptions maybe applicable

  • Reported claim falls outside scope of policy cover
  • Estimated loss exceeds HK$500,000
  • The service delivery kicks start upon AXA’s confirmation on satisfactory receipt of all requested supporting information / documents unless any additional information / requested document is required
  • Applied insurance policy is yet to be issued
  • Premiums remain outstanding
  • Cheque payee name in Chinese characters
  • In the event of adverse weather/catastrophe events, there may be a possible delay of service delivery

AXA reserves all rights to extend or cancel the above service promise.

* 3-Day Swift Claim Service Promise means 3 working days' swift claim service promise.