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Our newly enhanced travel insurance plans, your invincible travel backing!
Amateur Sports Coverage
  • Over 40 leisure sports activities are covered, including skiing, scuba diving, and hiking, providing coverage for personal accident or overseas medical expenses.
Annual Plan
  • Whether you are a frequent traveler for leisure or business purposes, our annual plan is here to cover unlimited trips in a year, with premiums as low as HK$1,179#!
Free Coverage for Children
  • For single journeys, we provide free coverage for all children3 insured under the same policy with their parent(s).
  • Annual cover with a family plan, one total premium for the whole family covered!
Optional Enhanced Cruise Benefit
  • Coverage includes cancellation and delay protection for cruise journeys, accidents protection in relation to cruise hijacking and satellite phone expenses.
【Thousands of lives, thousands of ways to fly!】

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Whether you are an adventurer, a traveller on a whim, a family person or a business professional, AXA enhanced travel insurance is the all-round MBTI for your trips!