We all wish to grow wealth sustainably and perpetually in a shifting market landscape while to get our family protected. As your trusted lifelong partner, AXA understand your needs in a premium wealth solution to flexibly cope with the changing personal and family financial standing. Therefore, AXA is delighted to present you the new Wealth Ultra Savings Plan (“Wealth Ultra”). With its saving solution and life protection, it helps you to achieve your dreams and wealth accumulation. From now until 31 August 2020, upon successful application for Wealth Ultra, you may enjoy up to 13% premium discount!


Redefining savings solutions for a new era

When you have important financial goals to meet, you need a wealth and life solution that will carry you to the finish line and help you achieve victory.

Wealth Ultra offers sustainable wealth growth across multiple generations, along with flexibility to counter against market shifts and changes in your financial standing.

The plan is also equipped with 3 features that are unique in the market¹, that help accelerate your wealth growth with ease and flexibility.


Highlights of Wealth Ultra Savings Plan:

  • Enjoy the growth potential of your savings with reversionary bonus and terminal bonus. The total cash value² doubles on average every 10 years after premium payment term
  • Starting from the 100th policy anniversary, total Internal Rate of Return (IRR) at the end of each policy year can be over 7%³
  • Easy access to your policy’s cash value of the declared reversionary bonus, together with the cash value of the corresponding terminal bonus to meet your needs
  • Change the insured an unlimited number of times for wealth transfer for future generation
  • Bonus Lock-in Option to lock in gains without limit
  • Flexi Premium Option to free up funds for your budget
  • Flexi Continuation Option to enjoy life protection and uninterrupted legacy planning

【UNIQUE IN THE MARKET¹】Bonus Lock-in Option to lock in gains without an aggregate limit for the lock-in rate

With Wealth Ultra, you can also realise long-term gains from your reversionary bonus and terminal bonus without partially surrendering your policy within 30 days from each policy anniversary starting from the 25th policy anniversary, allowing you to withdraw the value of the bonus lock-in account as your needs change from one life stage to the next.


【UNIQUE IN THE MARKET¹】Flexi Premium Option to free up funds for your budget

Your priorities may change over time, requiring extra flexibility as new needs or opportunities arise. Within 30 days prior to each policy anniversary starting from the 4th policy anniversary, you may flexibly halt your premium payments of the basic plan without partially surrendering your policy and relieves the obligation to pay any future premiums.

【UNIQUE IN THE MARKET¹】Flexi Continuation Option

Wealth Ultra is equipped with unique features for passing on accumulated wealth to future generations: You can apply to designate a contingent insured and assign a portion of policy value that can be accumulated further for the efficient transfer of your legacy.

Also, the remaining portion of the policy in the form of compassionate benefit will be payable in a lump sum to the designated beneficiary, providing immediate financial support to the designated beneficiary.

AXA “Summer Rewards” Programme

From now until 31 August 2020, if you successfully apply for any new Wealth Ultra with the required total annualised first year premium and satisfy the applicable requirements as shown in the leaflet, you may enjoy up to 13% premium discount on each eligible policy. Act now!

Know more

Information on this webpage is for reference only, and not intended to be a complete description of the applicable terms and conditions. Please refer to the policy contract for detailed terms and conditions. You should not purchase a policy based on the information on this website alone.

¹ The information is compared to all reversionary bonus type participating regular premium life insurance plans available for new business as of June 2020, provided by the insurers which are included in the Life & Annuity Non-linked (Class A) Individual Business of Direct New Business in 2019 Provisional Statistics on Hong Kong Long Term Insurance Business published by The Insurance Authority.

² Total cash value is the sum of guaranteed cash value, non-guaranteed cash value of reversionary bonus, non-guaranteed cash value of terminal bonus and value of the bonus lock-in account (if any).

³ The total IRR is rounded to the nearest percentage.

The total IRR is based on the Company’s bonus scales as of June 2020. The total IRR and bonus scales are not guaranteed and may be changed by the Company from time to time at our absolute discretion. The actual total IRR may be higher or lower than that illustrated.

The total IRR assumes that (i) the issue age of the insured is age 0; (ii) annual premium payment mode is chosen and all premiums are paid in full when due and as planned; (iii) standard premium is applied (the insured is not being classified as a special class) and the total premiums paid excludes the levy collected by the Insurance Authority; (iv) no death benefit or surrender value has been paid before or becomes payable; (v) no withdrawal has been made before and no indebtedness under the policy; (vi) the notional amount of the policy remains unchanged throughout the policy term; and (vii) no Bonus Lock-in Option, Flexi Premium Option, Flexi Continuation Option or change of insured option has been exercised.

The calculation of the total IRR takes into account: (i) the premiums paid for the basic plan; and (ii) the maturity benefit at maturity date.

⁴ Terms and conditions apply. For details of the premium discount and relevant promotion, please refer to the AXA “Summer Rewards” Programme leaflet for details.

For product details, please refer to the product brochure, proposal and policy contract.

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