AXA Hong Kong believes that protection is not just about insurance product, but a concept.  There are some customers who cannot be covered by insurance due to their living habits, or chronic illnesses.  As a long term partner of our customers, AXA Hong Kong has launched an innovative insurance initiative "BetterMe by AXA" to provide flexibility to these customers, and encourage them along the health journey, so that they can be adequately covered.
"BetterMe by AXA" covers three areas to protect customers in every possible way whilst supporting them to live a healthier and better life.

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Breakthrough in underwriting approach

As a health partner for its customers, AXA Hong Kong is committed to putting its customers at the forefront, therefore introducing the innovative insurance initiative “BetterMe by AXA” which covers three areas. It aims to protect customers in every possible way whilst supporting them to live a longer and healthier life.

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Inclusiveness of protection

The beneficiary naming by policyholders enables more individuals and families to get protected, including grandparents, grandchildren, stepchildren, and de-facto and same-sex couples, amongst others.

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All-round health management

We provide comprehensive protection, as well as promote healthy lifestyle by the following solutions, to enable customers live in a healthier way. 

Programmes offered by “BetterMe by AXA”

AXA Diabetes & Three-Highs Management Programme

The “AXA Diabetes & Three-Highs Management Programme” is a new series from “BetterMe by AXA”. The Programme provides Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation Programme (JADE®). JADE® is authorized by the Asia Diabetes Foundation Limited with service provided by GemVCare. Through an all-round risk assessment service and the 12-month Programme, customers may fully manage their health conditions and control diabetes and three-highs in an effective way. 


  • Year-long complimentary health management programme
  • Diabetes management
  • Three–Highs management (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high BMI)
  • One-off 15% premium rebate

AXA “Quit Smoking Incentive” Programme

The programme aims to encourage customers to proactively quit smoking and live a healthier life for themselves and their families. AXA Hong Kong will share knowledge and tips for quit smoking with participating customers regularly, after they have made a pledge to quit smoking. If the participants successfully quit smoking and meet designated requirements, they have chances to:

  • Receive a reward which equals to the first 2 years’ smoker and non-smoker premium differences
  • Be charged a non-smoker premium thereafter

AXA Health Age Calculator

AXA launches ‘Health Age Calculator’ for customers to instantly evaluate their physical condition via a simple online test. It helps them find out the difference between their actual age and health age, as well as provides health risk analysis and advice to aim for the goal of #BetterMe. It is available in Chinese.


*The Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation Programme (JADE®) is designed, developed and authorised by Asia Diabetes Foundation Limited and the services are provided by GemVCare Limited.