Small Things Today Could Become Family Treasures in Future

Small Things Today Could Become Family Treasures in Future

Small Things Today Could Become Family Treasures in Future



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 “If only I were born in the Rockefeller family!” If you wish to be admired by your younger family members, never underestimate the potential of your seemingly useless possessions today. Despite the pandemic, all you need to do is to be a good manager of your own assets, which may multiply in value over the years. Your children and grandchildren will be thankful to you, who enriched their lives. 


Unearthing treasures in the backyard

Recently, some amazing things happened in the UK. A couple was weeding their backyard amid lockdown and surprisingly unearthed 63 ancient gold coins. The coins, believed to be minted during the era of Edward IV to Henry VIII in the 15th -16th century, were not discovered by anybody until recently.

The value of the collection back then was equivalent to £14,000 today. Now they were dug up and are set to soar in value. The way this couple pocketed the treasure was a perfect example of “walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs”. 


£400,000 worth of Star Wars inheritance

While having a stash of gold coins in the garden may be rare, toys are more common household “assets” nowadays. Another couple from the UK earned a fortune from their stock of toys.

This couple inherited a whole garage of Star Wars figures collection from their late neighbours, who had been big fans of the popular movie series. While the couple was unsure what to do with the “useless” toys, an auctioneer looked at the toys as treasures, which were vintage editions and yet were still in good shape. The toys were estimated to be worth £400,000. 

This reminds us to always organise your possessions, as you never know which ones would become valuable treasures to nourish your future generations. 


Pokémon cards as valuable as property

Backyards and garages may be a bit inaccessible for those living in Hong Kong. What about Pokémon cards? Many of us may have owned at least one or two during school times.

A complete set of first-edition Pokémon Trading Card Games from 1999, comprising of 103 cards, was sold for USD$100,000 in 2019. An unopened set of Pokémon cards, one of the earliest editions, was auctioned for more than USD$400,000 early this year. And, congratulations, if you own a rare vintage Pokémon card of Charizard that remains pristine. The bidding price for it reached USD$350,000 on eBay. 


Lego investments outperform stocks investments 

Another often overlooked yet precious household asset is Lego.  

The National Search University Higher School of Economics in Russia conducted a study on more than 2,300 sets of Lego sold between 1987 and 2015. The toys were lucrative, with Harry Potter and Star Wars editions yielding as much as 11% during the period.

Such classic Lego editions as Market Street and Café Corner struck a tenfold increase in value since they were produced in 2007. Investing in Lego yields better returns than a lot of shares.


Smart investments help grow family wealth

Some of our favourite things could transform into family treasures over time, as long as you have good insights. Therefore, never look down on any of your current possessions, however trivial they are. They might just multiply in value as time goes by. 

Apart from preserving assets, it is better to plan ahead to build up wealth for future generations. The earlier the planning is, the more time for the assets to grow and maximise in value.

While it is challenging for many of us to pick the right assets and prevail at all times, it may be nice to rely on some saving products with guarantee returns. With a short period of commitment and a low threshold, our assets could double in value per decade, building more wealth for the next generations and beyond. Click here to know more.