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[Smart Living@Kenneth] Avoid flooding and fallen tree blackspots, driving tips under bad weather

Every year starting in May and June, southwest monsoon will sweep through Hong Kong, bringing with it rain and strong winds. From typhoons Hato and Mangkhut, to last year’s black rainstorm that caused flooding in various districts, everyone should have a fresh memory of the destructive powers of the fierce winds and rain.

[Ask Dr Chiu] Understanding the hidden risks of dementia

With the advancement in modern medicine, life expectancy of people also increased. According to a World Health Organization report published in 2020, the life expectancy of  Hong Kong men and women are 82.7 years and 88.1 years respectively, surpassing Japan to be the area enjoying the most longevity in the world.

[Smart Living@Kenneth] Government-required insurance is enough for overseas studies? Unpacking the importance of Overseas Student Insurance!

A recent, popular topic of discussion among parents is undoubtedly overseas studies for their children. Take the popular destination the United Kingdom for example, its government data shows that in the past year, over 8,700 students from Hong Kong successfully obtained a Tier 4 study visa, accounting for 3.5% of the foreign students in UK and ranking fourth globally in that regard1.