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3 Tips to Relieve Work-from-Home Stress

Working from home has become the new normal for many office workers, but not all are holding up well with this novel work routine: the blurring of getting on and off work, the even heavier workload, the switching to virtual communications with colleagues are just some of the stressors. If left undealt with, the snowballing stress can bog down work performance and even put your health in jeopardy.

[Finance Wiz @Daniel] Work hard for the rainy days: The Hong Kong-style wealth wisdom

“Save up on fine days for the rainy days.” I was often reminded of the Hakkanese maxim since I was young. These words of wisdom are not only shared among my ancestry - it is a canon of personal finance for the Chinese as a whole. Can we acquire any insight from this motto?

[Finance Wiz @Daniel] Wealth wisdom out of a burger

The global travel industry has taken a heavy toll under the pandemic. Hong Kong’s unflinching policy of a 21-day quarantine causes severe disruption to our plans to travel, study abroad and, for some, relocate. Before we know it, there’s one more thing that has changed: our sensitivity to exchange rates.