Working visa for mother with kids studying in Singapore

Working visa for mother with kids studying in Singapore

Working visa for mother with kids studying in Singapore



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To many of us in Hong Kong, the main reason for migration is to look for a better education system for our kids. But do you know there’s a place where the mother can also benefit from her kids studying there, like becoming a citizen?

Study in a university in Singapore to gain permanent residency

If you want a better learning environment for your kids but are concerned about the expenses studying in the U.S. or U.K., give Singapore a thought. As Jan Hong, Director of Centaline Immigration Consultants (HK) Limited, explains, “Singapore pursues elite education, like Hong Kong in the past. If your kids are good at math and science, Singapore would be the place as its education system offers students more opportunities to exercise their talents in these areas.”

He adds that overseas students preparing to attend primary or secondary schools have to pass the government-run AEIS test which focuses on the English language and math. For universities, there are 6 choices in Singapore, and they all welcome students from around the world. University graduates will be granted permanent residency while graduates from higher education institutes can also gain the same status after working there for a required period of time.

Immediate female family member applies for student dependent visa

In general, secondary school fees in Singapore range from SGD7,000 to SGD17,000, or HKD40,000 to HKD98,000, a lot more wallet-friendly than those in the western countries. “Another attraction is that”, he continues, “the student’s immediate female family member, like the mother or granny, is allowed to apply for a student dependent visa for the first year and then a working visa for the second year, which would eventually become permanent residency. However, for some cultural reason, this doesn’t apply to men.” Once the kids find a job there after graduation and their family members gain permanent residency, it would be easy for the rest of the family to migrate to Singapore.

More difficult to naturalise in western countries through education

According to Jan , it’s not as easy to acquire permanent residency through education nowadays. It doesn’t apply to the U.S. and U.K. anymore, and Australia and New Zealand have also set rigid requirements such as a good command of English for university graduates, 7 points in IELTS (for Australia) and a valid employment contract.

Useful tips: Protection for overseas study

Some countries, including the U.K., require overseas students to purchase designated medical insurance before applying for their student visas. But the coverage could be limited and only apply to public hospitals. So you may want to check out insurance plans tailor-made for overseas study which offer both illness and accident protection worldwide. For example, if a Hong Kong child studying in Singapore is injured when playing watersport in Thailand, he/she can choose to receive follow-up treatment in Singapore or back in Hong Kong, enjoying more options and flexibility. To learn more: