6 simple steps to exercise at work. Takes only 7 mins a day

6 simple steps to exercise at work. Takes only 7 mins a day

6 simple steps to exercise at work. Takes only 7 mins a day



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Hectic is what most Hong Kong people use to describe their daily life. So when they hardly have time for sleep, how could they squeeze some time out for exercise? But what knock-on effect would our body sustain if we sit for at least 8 hours at our work desk on a daily basis?

A sedentary lifestyle can cause slow blood circulation which may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. If one doesn’t sit upright for an extended period of time, he or she may also develop stiff back muscles and weak abdominal muscles, which may cause back pain.

However, if you can spare 7 minutes every day, these health issues can be avoided while building muscles and burning fat! I’m talking about the following set of simple exercise at the office or home which gives you results in only 1 month:

Tool: a chair, ideally plastic

Main training: strengthen thigh and calf muscles and core muscles, particularly effective in improving the spine posture


  • sit upright on the chair with both hands holding it tight
  • hold in the abdomen and breathe 5 times
  • lift both heels and hold for 30 seconds (calf muscles should contract), then put them down
  • lift the left leg slightly higher than the horizontal plane
  • point the left toes towards your body moderately and hold for 30 seconds (extend the time after getting used to it)
  • repeat movements with the right leg, each leg 3 times, 2 sets every day

Reminder: don’t practice right after a full lunch

2 more health tips for sedentary people:

  1. Change your posture: Do it every half an hour or simply take a short walk
  2. Change your chair: Leave the cushioned executive chair and sit upright without crossing legs on a hard chair for 2-3 hours a day

For those who don’t really have time for the gym or a run, practice the above exercise daily and you will feel the changes in your body over time.

Sonia Tsang – Senior Manager, Organization and People Development Division of a listed company; Founder and Executive Director of F8 Funding Limited