Always having cold hands and feet? Find out which of the four types of person are you?

Always having cold hands and feet? Find out which of the four types of person are you?

Always having cold hands and feet? Find out which of the four types of person are you?



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Having cold limbs during cold spells is natural. This is because to keep your body warm, your blood will circulate less to your fingertips and toes. Normally, this will improve after you put on more clothes. But if your hands and feet still feel cold, that might have something to do with the type of person you are. Have a look below and see which of the four types you are.


Sit often and lack of exercise

Quite a few people belong to this category. If you spend a lot of time sitting and not moving around, and don’t do much exercise, you may have a poor blood circulation, meaning you are likely to have cold hands and feet even if your body feels warm.

Apart from doing more aerobic exercises like slow jogging, cycling, and rope jumping to improve blood flow, you can also take a leaf from the Japanese wisdom, and warm your legs in 40oC hot water every day for 20 minutes.

Love eating cold food

Have you heard girls saying they drink warm water whenever they feel unwell? It’s actually not wrong.

That’s because having cold or frozen food regularly will make your body weak, and give you cold hands and feet too. So put down the salad or cold drinks in your hands, and have some steamed on-yasai and hot beverage.

According to Chinese medicine, lamb soup with longan and astragalus, or with jujube and wolfberry are both healthy recipes for good blood circulation that can help you improve cold hands and feet.

Lack body strength

Getting old, anemia and poor diets can all make you lose strength, or what Chinese practitioners call weak breath and blood. This will result in cold limbs and make you feel tired easily. To build up your strength, a balanced diet, sufficient amount of sleep, more mild exercises like yoga and stretching will help.

You may also brew yourself a fragrant olive tea every day to warm your stomach. Just 10 grams of fragrant olive and another 10 grams of red wolfberries, plus three spoon-full of brown sugar with hot water will do.

Autonomic nervous system misfunctions

The autonomic nervous system helps keep our body in a good and stable condition, and moderates our heart beat, blood pressure, dilation and narrowing of veins, as well as sweating. If this system goes wrong, our body will lose its balance. Cold limbs is a by-product of it. One cause for that is stress. To tackle this, you need healthy diets and rest, and most importantly learn to relieve stress through exercise, hobbies and getting into nature. A good mental health is the key to keep the autonomic nervous system in best shape.