First thing in the morning: moving your home smoothly with these 7 tips 

First thing in the morning: moving your home smoothly with these 7 tips 

First thing in the morning: moving your home smoothly with these 7 tips 



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Most Hongkongers are used to moving home every several years or so. But even for veterans, relocating is notoriously stressful, let alone those who are packing up for the first time. To move smarter and easier, here are seven tips you can consider: 

1.   The early bird gets the worm

Try to be the first client of the removal company of the day. You can benefit from avoid delays caused not only by their previous customers, but also by traffic jams. Do take advantage of the non-peak interval between 9am to noon for smoother transportation.

Why as early as possible? After the cartons arrive at the new home, a lot to work is still waiting for you. The earlier the removal is done, the more time you have for  unpacking.

2.  Avoid rainy days

In Hong Kong, people tend to move homes in spring and summer, which coincides with the city’s rain seasons. Do remember to check the weather forecast to avoid moving in rainy days; it would be best if the distance between home and the truck is covered. During packing, wrap what’s important with an extra layer of cling film or put them in a sealed bag. Cover the floor of your new home with cardboard paper so the utility dolly won’t leave dirt on it.

3.  Let go of things you don’t need

The protagonist of the acclaimed Thai film Happy Old Year re-examines her family’s traumatized past as she radically declutters her old home. Removal does offer an opportunity to cut back on excess possessions. In the process, interrogate yourself what are the things that are truly necessary to you, and get rid of everything else. Be cold-hearted! As you spare your unused stuff, you may regain much more space in your new home.

4.  Pack in the right manner

After a rigorous selection, the staying items require careful package. Pay attention to the weight of each box. Boxy objects like books and CDs that can fit quite perfectly may give an illusion that you can fill them infinitely into one box – don’t do that. You may end up with overweight boxes and it’ll be literally pain on your back to move them.

Old newspapers are your best friend! Don’t forget to wrap the following things with newspapers: fragile, delicate decorative items, kitchen utensils like cups and saucers, as well as sharp objects like scissors and knives. Start saving a bunch of newspapers every day before you move as they prove a strong protective cover for the things you love

5.  Label each box

Without proper marking, boxes look all the same and you wouldn’t know which to unpack first. To minimise frustration as you move in, identify every carton with a permanent marker and record them with a spreadsheet programme. It helps to single out what’s most important and needed in no time, and there’s little disruption to your new life at new home.

6.  Clean-up before move-in

Remember to allow some time to do a thorough clean-up while the new premise is still empty. After the furniture moves in, it’ll be much more difficult to reach the hidden corners.

7.  Home insurance for extra protection

Things can get lost or damaged during the removal. Certain home insurance plans provide protection against household property accidentally damaged during maintenance or interior decoration. Coverage for damage during removal may also be available. So take out insurance to alleviate the risks; in case of an accident, you may get compensated by the insurer.

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