Download and complete the claim form


Gather all supporting documents as required


Submit claim form and supporting documents

Please keep the original receipt(s) and other claim documentation for 6 months from the claim completion date. AXA reserves the right to request additional information/documentation to support each claim.

1. Medical Expenses

Please provide:

  • Full description of the sickness or injury sustained on the claim form(s)
  • Hospital/medical bill(s)/receipt(s) with clearly marked diagnosis and certified by the attending physician

2. Personal Accident

Please provide:

  • Full description of the sickness or injury sustained on the claim form(s)
  • Doctors report of certification on the extend of the injury
  • In the event of a death claim, please contact us for further guidance

3. Baggage and Personal Effects

Please provide:

  • Full description of the incident and the list of claim items which you are claiming for on the claim form(s)
  • Loss/damage report(s) from the relevant authorities e.g. airline, hotel or the Police
  • Photos showing the extend of damage to the property (if applicable)
  • Repair receipts of the damaged property (if applicable)
  • All receipts and/or warranties relating to the lost/damaged property if they require replacement

4. Baggage Delay

Please provide:

  • Full description of the incident on the claim form(s)
  • Confirmation from the airline that the baggage was delayed abroad for more than 6 hours, with reason(s) stated
  • Invoices/receipts for the purchase of essential items

5. Personal Money and Travel Documents

Please provide:

  • Full description of the incident on the claim form(s)
  • Loss report from the Police
  • Supporting documents showing the value of the amount of cash lost e.g. exchange slip etc.

6. Personal Liability

Please provide:

  • Full description of the incident on the claim form(s) irrespective of whether you have received a claim from the third party or not
  • Photos showing the scene of the accident, its environment and the extend of the third party property damaged and/or third-party bodily injured, if possible
  • Third party correspondence(s), summons or writs received in relation to the incident should be forward to us immediately 
  • Remarks: No liability should be admitted, offered or promise of payment made to the third party without the company’s approval.

7. Travel Delay, Trip Re-routing, Missed Journey and Overbooking

Please provide:

  • Written confirmation from the airline, if the flight is delayed for more than 6 hours, indicating the total number of hours delayed and reason(s) for such delay
  • Copy of the itinerary, air ticket and boarding pass

8. Loss of Deposit, Cancellation of Trip and Trip Curtailment

Please provide:

  • Reason(s) for the cancellation or curtailment of the trip together with all relevant supporting documents
  • Booking invoices together with confirmation from the relevant authorities regarding the amount refundable tor any prepaid costs or deposits made

9. Education Fund

Please provide:

  • Medical report of the insured student’s parent or guardian
  • Proof of relationship between insured student’s parent or guardian and the insured student

10. Temporary Accommodation

Please provide:

  • Relevant authority report, e.g. police report supporting the reason for the overseas premises of the insured student being rendered uninhabitable
  • Receipts for the cost of temporary accommodation and/or additional expenses at a hotel, lodging house or boarding house

11. Student Interruption

Please provide:

  • Medical report certifying the insured student is unable to continue his / her education due to serious injury or illness
  • Confirmation from overseas education institution showing the period of absence and the amount of irrecoverable portion of forfeited tuition fee
  • Receipts for additional tuition fee for re-attending missed course after recovery, if any

1.      By email: Send the completed claim form(s)m. with all supporting document(s) to travel.claims@axa.com.hk

2.      By post: Mail the completed claim form(s) with all supporting document(s) to the mailing address listed on the claim form

24-hour Emergency Assistance Hotline
Telephone: (852) 2861 9285


If you disagree with our claim decision, you may submit an appeal to us within 90 days from the notice date of our Claim Settlement Advice or Notification of Claim Decision. Click here for details.