With Heritage Builder Universal Life Plan, you can preserve wealth over time and achieve financial security, so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your family will be protected even in the face of unexpected events, and you can pass on your heritage to the ones you love efficiently.

Product Features

Wealth Preservation

Life Protection

Policy Adaptability

Wealth Preservation

Crediting interest rate fixed period

For each premium paid in cleared funds within the first 3 policy years, once a crediting interest rate is declared at the time of receipt, such rate will be fixed and applied to that premium for the first 3 policy years.

The crediting interest rate is guaranteed at not less than 2% per annum at all times.

Guaranteed and transparent policy charge rates

All policy charge rates, including the rates for premium charge, policy administration fee, cost of insurance and surrender charge, are guaranteed (except in the case of a change of the insured).

Flexible premium payment arrangement

To accommodate your financial conditions, Heritage Builder offers an alternative payment arrangement apart from paying the whole Planned Premium¹ upfront.

Life Protection

Death benefit

Designed to provide coverage to protect the insured’s family, death benefit will be payable in the event of the insured’s death.

Embedded benefits

  • Advanced terminal illness benefit: an advance payment of the death benefit (or a part thereof) will be payable if a terminal illness is diagnosed before the policy anniversary on or immediately following the insured’s 120th birthday.
  • Additional accidental death benefit: an additional benefit amount will be payable if the insured passes away as a result of an accident within the first 5 policy years.
Policy Adaptability

Access your cash

Starting from the 11th policy year, you can enjoy an annual Free Withdrawal Amount of 5% of your account value² without reduction in the sum insured or incurring a surrender charge.

From the 16th policy year, withdrawals made are free of surrender charge.


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