Our digital life needs to detox more than our body

Our digital life needs to detox more than our body

Our digital life needs to detox more than our body



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Social media has become so overwhelmingly popular these years that many of us are actually clinging to it, or have turned into phubbers at home, on transport and at dinner with friends and relatives, missing out on real interaction with people. So does this virtual communication really bring us closer to each other or quite the opposite?

We keep saying we’re busy and tired but don’t realise that heavy workload in real life is not the only culprit – we have been spending too much time on the internet and mentally bombarded by excessive information. The result is an exhausted body and mind. We may have been digitally poisoned.

Symptoms of being digitally poisoned

Your daily life may have been invaded by the internet and social media unknowingly. Here are some signs your digital life needs detoxing:

  • You worry more about forgetting your mobile phone than your wallet
  • You fidget when your mobile phone runs out of battery
  • You check your mobile phone every several minutes
  • You always browse the social media aimlessly
  • Besides food porn, you capture and share every moment of your life on social media
  • Your emotion is tied to the number of likes and comments of your posts on social media

We have to admit that people nowadays are somewhat digitally poisoned, simply because it’s quite impossible for us to totally leave behind our mobile phones and social media. What we could do is to digitally detox, freeing ourselves from social media and reconnecting with the real world. Here are 3 things to start with:

  1. Turn off notifications
    You can’t wait to check if you’ve got likes or messages when notifications come in, and always worry about lost or missing messages? Turn off the notification function for social media and limit the times of checking. For example, only check during lunchtime, in commute or after dinner and spend the rest of your time interacting with people around you.
  2. Set to airplane mode
    You may do this when you’re on a plane but have you ever tried that for the whole trip? It means you’re cut off from the internet but can still take selfies and listen to your favourite music, and can fully enjoy what the trip offers. The photos? Share them on social media only when you’re back. Worry about getting lost? Download maps beforehand or only check them online when necessary.
  3. Develop new interests
    One of the reasons you surf the internet aimlessly is there aren’t any other things that fascinate you. Spend your time and energy on new interests, such as handicraft and yoga, and acquire new knowledge, bringing your attention back from the virtual world to the real world.

Let’s not underestimate the power of digital detox. An American neurologist once conducted a test asking 35 entrepreneurs to take a 1-month detox programme. The result showed that their memory, sleep quality and communication skills had improved. Still doubtful? Why not make a change today and see what benefits await.

Source: Yahoo Hong Kong x AXA LIVE/LIFE website