What small blisses in life deserve our thanksgiving?

What small blisses in life deserve our thanksgiving?

What small blisses in life deserve our thanksgiving?



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Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday of November, is when people come together for a feast and give thanks to the ‘harvest’ of the year. The festival may not be as popular in Hong Kong but knowing how to be thankful in daily life is essential to leading a happy life.

A happy life is a life filled with small blisses

Japanese author Haruki Murakami once said, “A life would be as dry as a desert should there be no small blisses.” But the reality is, many of us only find happiness in owning a flat, getting married or being successful in workplace through continuous hardship and sacrifice. We don’t realise there are small blisses every day, everywhere. Once we discover these simple yet heartfelt moments of happiness, we would know it’s not too difficult to lead a happy life.

The meaning of small blisses could differ from person to person. Would these 3 scenarios bring you moments of happiness in an ordinary day?


Ask the whole family out for ‘yum cha’ on the weekends, making time to talk about your childhood and express your care to your parents – you would realise being accompanied is one of the best gifts in life.


It’s a trend in the western world that Thanksgiving becomes Friendsgiving where you spend great time with your friends. Of course, it doesn’t have to be an annual get-together. An occasional tea time to share the ups and downs in life among friends is never a bad idea.


Last but not least, make time for Me Time. Pick a day in a week, get off work on time and do something you love, like attending a yoga or bakery class. If you’d prefer going home and do nothing, go ahead. At times, leaving some blank space in life is the handiest small bliss you can enjoy.

Those who can discover small blisses in daily life are more likely to cherish and enjoy happiness. So starting from now, jot down 3 things that deserve your thanksgiving every day to create a life that is filled with small blisses, thankfulness and joy.

Source: Yahoo Hong Kong x AXA LIVE/LIFE website