Life is constantly moving forward, how about your protection? AXA’s MultiPro Critical Illness Plan (“MultiPro”)/MultiPro Plus Critical Illness Plan (“MultiPro Plus”) offers coverage for the protection gap which might exist at your existing critical illness protection plan that terminates upon a one-off major illness claim. You may now apply for the plan without going through any medical examination and enjoy up to 2 months’ premium discount. Act Now!

AXA MultiPro Critical Illness Protection Series

As medical technology continues evolving and bring more promising prospect to people in need, have you ever felt left behind with protection that may be outdated or no longer enough?

MultiPro Critical Illness Protection Series is specially designed to allow you to upgrade your existing protection at an affordable cost.

Innovative critical illness protection concept

  • Combine with your existing critical illness protection plans, e.g. single-claim critical illness policy
  • Multiple claims for common major illnesses to deal with the financial burden when critical illness strikes again
  • Up to 4 years Continuous Cancer Payout Benefit to ease the burden of living during your recovery

An easy way to enhance your existing critical illness protection

  • Affordable premiums
  • Totally up to 440% of sum insured per policy for multiple benefit and Continuous Cancer Payout
  • Guaranteed payback*
  • Apply without going through any medical examination
  • First claim protection against 62 major illnesses
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Limited time offer

From now until 27 September 2020, you may enjoy 2 months' premium discount and additional benefit equivalent to 30% of the basic sum insured for dedicated Cancerupon successful application on MultiPro/MultiPro Plus!

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AXA BetterMe

Eligible health and medical plan policyholders can enjoy full suite of AXA BetterMe services. The services cover physical wellness support, mental wellbeing support and chronic disease management to help you achieve a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle!

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*Customers will receive a refund of all premiums paid under any of the following conditions: (1) when the insured is first diagnosed with a Major Illness (the insured can still enjoy coverage for multiple claims and/or monthly payouts for Cancer until age 85); or (2) if there is no claim record under the plan at policy maturity.  However, this is not applicable to customers who have adjusted the sum insured during the benefit period.

△ Refer to the insured’s first diagnosis of Stage III or Stage IV Cancer of breast or prostate within the first 10 policy years.


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