AXA understands that every woman has different needs in every aspect of lives, from physical and mental wellbeing, to beauty and maternity across different life stages. Pink Medical Insurance Plan (“Pink Medical”) is a holistic solution that brings women’s needs into focus, providing multidimensional female protection from young adulthood to menopause with HKSH Medical Group Limited and other network service providers.

Pink Medical Insurance Plan product features

  • Gynaecology out-patient consultations and regular woman check-ups
  • The 1st in Hong Kong to provide a series of value-added services offers for women, including cosmetic treatments, fertility solution, refractive surgery and maternity care
  • Woman cancer benefit
  • Gynaecology treatment and medication benefit
  • Access to AXA BetterMe holistic wellness platform
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Identify health issues before they become a problem with regular examinations

  • The plan helps you to get medical advice by providing gynaecology out-patient consultations with our network gynaecologists
  • Also, you may undergo regular woman check-ups for once in every two policy years, which include bedside pelvic ultrasound, pap smear and breast examination

New insurance concept: 1st in Hong Kong value-added services offers

Up to 25% off cosmetic treatments offer

  • Hair removal by IPL/Laser
  • Skin resurfacing by Laser
  • Skin tightening by Ultrasound

20% off fertility solution offer

  • Egg collection for In-vitro fertilization (IVF) and Freezing

Up to 15% off refractive surgery offer

  • Laser In-situ Keratomileusis (LASIK)
  • Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE)

20% off maternity care offer

Limited-time Premium Discount offer

From now till 31 October 2020, enjoy up to 7 months' premium discount upon successful application!

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Support the Community
From now until 27 September 2022, AXA Hong Kong and Macau will donate 5% of the 1st year’s premium of each issued policy of Pink Medical to Hong Kong Cancer Fund, for raising awareness of cancer prevention as well as supporting its free cancer care services for cancer patients.
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