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New Products & Promotions

Don't Miss Out

New Products & Promotions

Discover our New Products

Wealth Ultra Savings Plan (2-year pay)

For a limited time only, Wealth Ultra Savings Plan is now offering a 2-year premium payment term, enabling you to enjoy the advantages of the plan with no more than a short financial commitment.

Pink Medical Insurance Plan

Pink Medical Insurance Plan - a holistic solution that brings women’s needs into focus, providing multidimensional female protection from young adulthood to menopause. With us by your side, you can confidently devote yourself to your family, your work and be a better self.

MultiPro Critical Illness Protection Series

MultiPro Critical Illness Protection Series offer budget-friendly cover for the protection gap which might exist if your existing critical illness protection plan terminates upon a one-off major illness claim. If you have not made any claims under MultiPro Critical Illness Plan/ MultiPro Plus Critical Illness Plan by policy maturity, we’ll refund 100% of the total premiums paid.

Life & Medical Insurance Protection Programme Offers

AXA “Joyful Rewards” Programme

From now until 30 April 2021, if you successfully apply for any Wealth Ultra Savings Plan (2-year pay) and satisfy the applicable requirements, you may enjoy 4% guaranteed preferential interest rate on your prepaid premiums of the basic plan in the first policy year*.

More joyful rewards are available in this Programme. 

* Terms and conditions apply.

AXA Critical Illness Insurance Premier Customer Campaign

Chance to become a Premier Customer or Premier Plus Customer and enjoy a special premium discount!

Terms and conditions apply.

General Protection Programme Offers

Home Insurance

Enjoy 15% off and free extra COVID-19 protection for SmartHome Plus online purchase

Travel Insurance

Enjoy 15% off for SmartTraveller Plus online purchase

Our Programmes

Discover the AXA “Post-Vaccination Protection” Programme

AXA understands your health comes first, and getting vaccinations is vital for disease prevention. To protect you and your family from any potential side effects arising from vaccinations, we are pleased to provide free hospital benefit and death benefitprotection to all eligible Hong Kong and Macau residents. The AXA “Post-Vaccination Protection” Programme requires registration on the ‘Emma by AXA’ mobile application on a first-come-first-served basis.

Discover AXA BetterMe services & offers

AXA BetterMe** is a holistic wellness platform with a comprehensive suite of programmes and services covering physical wellness support, mental wellbeing support and chronic disease management.

Access your personalised services under ‘My Privileges’ on Emma by AXA, and equip yourself to become stronger and more resilient, thus you can always get prepared and rise to any occasion with confidence and become a #BetterMe.

**Exclusive for Certain Eligible Policyholders

AXA “Quit Smoking Incentive” Programme

Chance to receive a reward which equals to the first 2 years’ smoker and non-smoker premium differences!

Terms and conditions apply.

ICBC AXA Cobrand Credit Card

AXA and ICBC(Asia) join hands to launch ICBC AXA Cobrand Credit Cards for you to enjoy rewards while making premium payment!