Protecting Your Employees

Healthcare plan is one of the important components of an Employee Benefits package. Our plans give your staff the security of our extensive medical coverage that is designed to help them keep their health and fitness.

Axcellent Health Partner

Provides a flexible and comprehensive cover to your employees against a wide range of healthcare expenses resulting from illness or injury.


Basic Cover

  • Hospitalisation Benefits


Optional Cover

  • Additional Hospitalisation Benefits
  • Supplementary Major Medical
  • Outpatient Benefits
  • Dental Benefits


Provides flexible benefit options to SMEs, taking care of insurance needs for employees and their dependants and let you customise your plan to suit your budget.


CORProtect Employee Benefits Insurance Package Plan (Medical)

Basic Cover

  • Hospital benefits


Optional Cover

  • Supplementary major medical benefits
  • Clinical benefits
  • Childbirth benefits
  • Dental benefits


CORProtect Employee Benefits Insurance Package Plan (Life)

Optional Cover

  • Life benefit with terminal illness benefit, simplified critical illness benefit, dismemberment benefits, and accidental death and dismemberment benefits^
  • Living insurance benefit (optional add-on benefit under the above benefits)

Did you know?

panel doctors

in our Hong Kong healthcare network consist of a vast pool of professionals*


minimum your company can apply for the plans

Working days

claim turnaround Service Pledge**

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CORProtect Employee Benefits Insurance Package Plan (Medical) covers both employees and their dependants; whereas CORProtect Employee Benefits Insurance Package Plan (Life) is only applicable to employees.

^ Please refer to the benefit schedule for more details of this optional cover.

* The panel doctors under the healthcare network is subject to different plans’ Terms and Conditions and change from time to time without prior notice.

** Applicable to General Practitioner consultation, Chinese Herbalist, and Bonesetter incurred in Hong Kong for outpatient with claim amount up to HKD 800. 

Information on this webpage is for reference only, and not intended to be a complete description of the applicable terms and conditions. Please refer to the policy contract for detailed terms and conditions. You should not purchase a policy based on the information on this website alone.

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