IncomePartner Deferred Annuity Plan (“IncomePartner”)

IncomePartner is a Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy (“QDAP”) eligible for tax deduction which is certified by the Insurance Authority. Policy owner can enjoy a maximum tax deductible limit up to HKD60,000¹ annually while married spouses can enjoy a maximum tax deductible limit up to HKD120,000¹ amongst themselves, provided that the deduction claimed by each tax payer does not exceed the individual limit of HKD60,000¹.

Smart Medicare

Smart Medicare is a Flexi Plan certified by the HKSAR under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS”). It allows Hong Kong taxpayers to enjoy tax deductions for premiums for themselves and all specified dependent(s). Policy owner is allowed a maximum annual deduction of HKD 8,000 qualified premiums paid for each insured person. There is no cap on the number of insured persons each year.

Smart Medicare offers you following benefits on top of VHIS Standard Plan.

WiseGuard Medical Insurance Plan (“WiseGuard Medical”)

WiseGuard Medical is a Standard Plan certified by the HKSAR under VHIS. Same tax deduction eligibility is provided as Smart Medicare.


How much can you save from QDAP and VHIS?