Being your trusted lifelong partner, AXA is always here for you when times get tough. We are pleased to present you the CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan, providing you comprehensive protection against health challenge, so you can look forward to a secure future, hand in hand with your loved ones. Being your trusted lifelong partner, we are pleased to present you these fabulous offers. Act now to get free consultation!

AXA “Multi-Protection” Programme

AXA is always there to serve you and we are thrilled to present the AXA “Multi-Protection” Programme, providing you and your beloved our signature health, critical illness protection and savings plans.

 From now until 27 September 2020, if you successfully apply for a CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan which satisfy other applicable requirements#, you may enjoy 2 months’ premium discount*!

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AXA BetterMe

Eligible health and medical plan policyholders can enjoy full suite of AXA BetterMe services. The services cover physical wellness support, mental wellbeing support and chronic disease management to help you achieve a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle!

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Offer you financial support when most needed

CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan gives you an all-round protection against Cancer, including the lump sum cash benefit, as well as additional monthly payouts for Stage III or Stage IV Cancer patients, which allows patients to focus on a speedy healing journey.

The plan also provides a Caregiver Benefit with monthly payouts for parents^ as income, which allows them to take time away from work and to provide care to their insured child who is suffering from a major illness.

Highlights of CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan:

  • Provides diversified protection against 131 illnesses (62 major illnesses and 69 minor illnesses)
  • Monthly payouts for Cancer patients as income replacement for up to 4 years
  • Immediate Support Benefit with additional monthly payouts for Stage III or Stage IV Cancer patients for up to 17 months
  • Monthly payouts up to 17 months for parents^ to provide care to their insured child suffering from major illnesses
  • Multiple claims for Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and other major illnesses, total coverage up to 900% of the sum insured

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*Terms and conditions apply. For details of the premium discount and relevant promotion, please refer to the AXA “Multi-Protection” Programme leaflet for details.

^Applies to a parent who is a policy owner only. Terms and conditions apply.

#The CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan must have a premium payment term of 20 or 25 years. Annual payment mode must be selected for such plan.

For product details, please refer to the product brochure, proposal and policy contract for details.

Critical Illness Protection

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CritiPartner Critical Illness Plan

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HealthVital II Major Illness Plan

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HealthSelect II Major Illness Plan

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