As your long-term health partner, we encourage you to improve your health and quality of life. With the introduction of our initiative program “BetterMe by AXA”, we are dedicated to protecting you with all-round health management programs through our extensive partnership networks. Brought to you by BetterMe by AXA, we are here to present you the first-in-Hong Kong AXA Diabetes & Three- Highs Management Programme⁽²⁾⁽³⁾⁽⁴⁾(“Programme”).

The Programme offers complimentary risk assessment services along with a year-long health management programme for our eligible customers. By participating in the Programme, you will receive personalised dietary advice, physical training and health education to manage health conditions.

Programme Features

Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation Programme⁽¹⁾

JADE® is an integrated disease management system designed and developed by Asia Diabetes Foundation Limited (ADF) that enables people with or at risk of diabetes to manage diabetes effectively and predict future risk of diabetes-related complications. JADE® covers body examinations such as body weights, blood pressure, laboratory tests, eye and foot examinations (if applicable) and risk assessment.

Authorised by: Asia Diabetes Foundation Limited (JADE®)

Service provided by: GemVCare Limited

Diabetes & Three-Highs individuals⁽⁵⁾,who successfully apply for CritiPartner Critical Illness Plan, CritiPartner Plus Critical Illness Plan or AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan (Premier) with a total annualised first-year premium of such basic plan and its supplement(s) (if applicable) of HKD12,000 or above (or its equivalent in foreign currency) (“Eligible Policy”)⁽²⁾will have a chance to join the Programme. The Programme is subject to availability on a first come first served basis.

Start Your Health Journey

Enjoy 15% premium rebate

Upon completion of the Programme⁽²⁾⁽³⁾⁽⁴⁾Diabetes & Three-Highs individuals who accumulate at least 5 points can also enjoy a one-off 15% Premium Rebate⁽⁶⁾on each Eligible Policy⁽²⁾.

(For details about Score Calculation section, please visit the relevant promotion leaflets)


* Not applicable for the proposed insured who is non-diabetic based on the information declared in the insurance application.

⁽¹⁾The Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation Programme (JADE®) is designed, developed and authorised by Asia Diabetes Foundation Limited and the services are provided by GemVCare Limited.

⁽²⁾For details of the Programme eligibility, please refer to clause 3 to 6 of the terms and conditions stated in this leaflet.

⁽³⁾The services provided under the AXA Diabetes & Three-Highs Management Programme (“Programme”) is primarily available in Hong Kong, unless otherwise specified.

⁽⁴⁾For details of the Programme, please refer to the terms and conditions stated in this leaflet. For product details of Eligible Policy, please refer to the relevant proposals, product brochures and policy contracts.

⁽⁵⁾Diabetes & Three-Highs individuals” refers to proposed insured who is aged 18 or above at the time when he / she signs the application form of the Eligible Policy (i.e. the application sign date of the Eligible Policy) with any of the following conditions at the time when they apply for the Eligible Policy:

a. Type 2 Diabetes;

b. High blood pressure;

c. High cholesterol;

d. Body Mass Index (BMI*) higher than 30 (kg/m²)

*BMI is weight (in kilograms) over height (in metres) squared

⁽⁶⁾ For details of the Premium Rebate, please refer to clause 6 to 9 of the terms and conditions stated in this leaflet.

In case of any disputes, AXA reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these Remarks.