Our Zip Line adventure to Nami Island

A Typhoon delayed our family trip to South Korea
We were all excited, standing in front of the flight board at the airport. My two children jumped around beside us as we waited for our flight to show up. Just then a big ‘DELAYED’ sign flashed up next to our flight number. My wife and I looked at each other, I tried to hide my disappointment and suggested we all have lunch while we waited. We heard through an announcement that a typhoon had grounded all flights to South Korea and we were to wait to be updated. As an hour turned into two and then three, the children were getting restless. They were bored waiting around. I left my wife with the children and went to the information desk. Time was pushing on and I was worried we weren’t going to be in Seoul to check into our hotel that night which we had already paid for.

The man at the desk told me that our flight would be delayed for at least six hours and to prepare to spend the night here in Hong Kong as the typhoon showed no signs of calming down. I called AXA who we bought our travel insurance with and explained what had happened. They were already aware of the problems the typhoon was causing and the claim adviser told me not to worry. Under the Smart Traveller VIP plan, extra accommodation would be reimbursed due to the delay if the airline didn’t cover it. As well as that, our first night’s stay in Seoul would be reimbursed too. We were off to Nami Island the next day and when we returned and submitted our claim, AXA reimbursed us for our missed night of accommodation in Seoul.

*These illustrative stories are fictional examples and are for reference only.

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