A Graduation Trip to Mount Rinjani

I Fell and Smashed my Brand-New Camera!
Six months ago, I went on a graduation trip with some classmates. We decided on climbing Mount Rinjani; we were really going to DO IT! As the journey we were undertaking was difficult we needed specialist travel insurance. I bought an AXA Smart Traveller VIP Plan which covers amateur sports -including hiking. We arrived on Lombok Island, checked into the hostel at the foot of the mountain, and made sure we had a good night’s sleep. The following day we departed at an elevation of 600 metres for the campsite at 2600 metres. Over the two-day journey, we were surrounded by humid jungle, tree roots tangled round everything, and the path presented a challenge at every turn. The team were in good spirits and I tried to keep up with them as they marched on; but I was running out of breath. My legs just went to jelly and I fell flat amongst the tree roots. I had a terrible pain in my chest.

I had fallen on my new camera! Everybody was concerned that I might have hurt myself but I was more worried about my camera. The lens had completely cracked; I was devastated but got a grip on myself, and carried on. After climbing eight hours, we arrived at the camp site. The view of the Crystal Lake trapped within the mouth of the volcano was a vision, worth every minute of the climb. When we arrived back at the hostel I called AXA and spoke to one of their claim advisers. I explained what had happened and how upset I was about breaking my new camera. The AXA claim adviser reassured me that my SLR camera was covered under my VIP plan. When I returned home I submitted my claim and I was reimbursed quickly. I bought myself a replacement camera and I’ll take better care of this one!

*These illustrative stories are fictional examples and are for reference only.

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