Hospitalised From Scuba Diving

How our dream holiday in Bali ended in a hospital stay
My girlfriend and I had always dreamed of going to Bali, so when the time came we were both very excited. We had been looking forward to the holiday for several months and we were organised well in advance; including finding travel insurance and the biggest bottles of sun cream we could find. We had travelled together before but not as far afield as Bali. I had been to Bali when I did a back-packing trip in my gap year, so I couldn’t wait to show Anna round paradise. Scuba diving is one of my greatest passions so I wanted to share that with Anna too. She had never tried it before so we booked into one of the big diving centres which offered beginner classes. While she tried scuba diving for the first time, I took advantage of an opportunity to take my diving to the next level. I don’t know if the equipment was faulty or something, but I had my case of the ‘bends’ during that session.

It started smoothly enough and I was progressing further beneath the surface at a slow and safe speed, enjoying being so close to the sea life. I was suddenly struck by the most severe abdominal pain and couldn’t swim. Luckily the instructor spotted me and immediately came to my rescue. He pulled me to the surface and the dive centre called an ambulance. I was taken to hospital and given prompt medical attention. My girlfriend was understandably worried, but when she called AXA and spoke to a claim adviser they talked her through every step for ensuring I received the right medical care. Amateur sports cover was included in the travel insurance we had taken out, and as my return home was delayed for medical reasons, my insurance was automatically extended during my treatment for a maximum of ten days.

*These illustrative stories are fictional examples and are for reference only.

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